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Band Collar Dress Shirts ($59 - $165)

Giorgenti Band Collar Dress Shirt

Standard Luxury Features

Band collar dress shirts use a band instead of a traditional collar. These versatile dress shirts can be worn with a suit or sport coat for a "no tie" look, or can be worn alone for a more casual feel. Consider a banded collar for a unique-looking tuxedo shirt.

Ready to order? Design custom made banded collar shirts at Giorgenti! We will create your dress shirt to your specifications. And don't worry if you have a hard-to-fit frame. Whether you are big and tall or have a shorter build, we are experts in crafting custom dress shirts that flatter every body type.

You select the price, fabric, fit and style and we will do the rest. Why settle for-off-the-rack when custom made is so easy and affordable?

You select the price, fabric, fit and style and we will do the rest. Why settle for-off-the-rack when custom made is so easy and affordable?

Please pick at least 5 fabrics if you want our "Buy 4 Get 1 Free" deal.

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