You Can Bank on Giorgenti Dress Shirts ($59 - $165)

Custom Dress Shirt for Bankers

Your Dress Shirt is a Symbol of Success!

Bankers need to project a strong impression of stability. Your clients and colleagues expect you to be the rock in a stormy sea. To reinforce that image, Giorgenti will tailor a conservative yet contemporary image. Your Giorgenti wardrobe will create an overwhelming impression of strength. You will become the classic symbol of success and conservative investment.

Take advantage of our free online wardrobe consultant or call us today at 1-800-815-4784.

Choosing the Right Dress Shirt

Which fabric is right for you? Which works best for you, a button-down or spread collar? Should you MonogramStyle your initials on the cuff? Pocket or no pocket? Even after you choose a color, you will still need to choose a style that complements your overall appearance. A Giorgenti wardrobe consultant will explain how to package yourself as a leader in your field.

A dress shirt that communicates the right message

Different combinations of fabric, color and style communicate significantly different messages. Choosing the right mix can make the difference between gaining and losing your client's confidence. Your presentation should be conservative, reassuring and sophisticated.
Giorgenti will make it happen! And because Giorgenti has direct access to textile mills, we offer the finest quality shirts at a fraction of the price.

The Giorgenti custom shirt solution

At Giorgenti you get personalized service and a totally custom tailored solution. Your Giorgenti shirt will be made of the finest shirting fabrics and fit better than any shirt you have ever owned. Our online wardrobe consultant will also show you which colors best flatter your pigmentation and which collar shape will enhance the shape of your face. We will even tell you the styles that work best for your career and lifestyle.

Upgrade Your Image Today

Visually empower yourself by using our online consultant or call our office today at 1-800-815-4784 to speak with a wardrobe consultant.

The consultation is free - the advice is invaluable!

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