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Custom Dress Shirts For Ceo

Your Dress Shirt is a Valuable Investment

When you're as "time-starved" as Ray Jansen, you just don't have the time for shopping. But your wardrobe still needs careful planning and scrutiny-It's one of your most important investments and your image is your most valuable marketing tool. Giorgenti can help!

Take advantage of our free online wardrobe consultant or call us today at 1-800-815-4784.

Choosing the Right Dress Shirt

This mantle of responsibility should be evident at every level of behavior-Including your appearance. Even on casual days, a president needs to exude an air of success, control and authority. Giorgenti will show you how to dress "Power Casual" using the correct colors, patterns and style detail to evoke different emotional responses from associates.

What is Your Dress Shirt Silently Shouting?

Different combinations of fabric, color and style communicate significantly different messages. When should you wear a button-down collar instead of a spread collar? Which is more effective at a board meeting, the two button cuff or the French cuff? Our online consultant will help you fill your wardrobe with the appropriate dress shirt for each and every occasion.

The Giorgenti Custom Shirt SolutionThe Giorgenti Custom Shirt Solution

At Giorgenti you get personalized service and a totally custom tailored solution. Your Giorgenti shirt will be made of the finest shirting fabrics and fit better than any shirt you have ever owned. Our free online wardrobe consultant will also show you which colors best flatter your pigmentation and which collar shape will enhance the shape of your face. We will even tell you the styles that work best for your career and lifestyle.

Upgrade Your Image Today

Visually empower yourself by using our online consultant or call our office today at 1-800-815-4784 to speak with a wardrobe consultant.

The consultation is free - the advice is invaluable!

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