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Custom Dress Shirt for Physician

A Physician's Appearance is a Matter of Trust

From various surveys, it has been proven that patients prefer physicians to dress in a professional manner to inspire trust and solidify the physician-patient relationship. The physician's specialty also affects the manner of dress. For example, a pediatrician may connect better with a child by wearing a dress shirt in happier pastel colors with a novelty tie, whereas a plastic surgeon should dress more stylishly and sophisticated.

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When Scrubs are Not Enough

There are various venues and situations for which physicians must dress appropriately.
For office consultations and hospital rounds, physicians are generally in lab coats and wear a shirt and tie. For this reason, the shirt must be comfortable and well fitting. Cleanliness and a sterile, hygienic appearance is important. A white shirt symbolizes trust, cleanliness and purity. There are situations where a physician wants to exude empathy to soothe the nerves of his patients. This can be accomplished by wearing shirts in softer colors like blue, light gray and lavender which have a calming effect.
There are more formal occasions that require a suit, custom fitted shirt and tie, such as board meetings and charity functions. Here, the physician needs to dress in darker colored suits with formal dress shirts. This is your opportunity to wear your wide spread collared dress shirt with French cuffs. Your peers will be evaluating you, so you want to demonstrate leadership and confidence. Wear colors flattering to your pigmentation and choose a collar shape that enhances the shape of your face.

The Giorgenti Custom Shirt Solution

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