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Dress for Success

So, you just landed the big job at the high-powered company! You worked hard to secure this, with years of schooling and months of interviews and meetings. As you prepare for your first day on the job, you realize that the rest of the guys in the office look like they just stepped out of the pages of GQ. You spend a few days trying on ill-fitting, boring shirts at all the department stores in the mall and even venture into the more high-end shops, but still, nothing. You realize it is time to explore having custom tailored shirts made.

Looking Sharp Gives You the Competitive Edge!

The General Doesn't Wear the Private's Uniform

The best part about coming to this realization early in your career is that you will never buy a shirt off the rack again. Custom-made shirts are great not only because they fit well, but because you can imprint your own personal style on each and every shirt you have made for you. You will be able to select the perfect color for your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. You will also be able to select color styles to suit your face and even the types of ties and knots you like to wear.

Command Respect in Your Custom-Made Dress Shirt

Buying Custom-Made Shirts Online is Convenient and Easy

It may seem too daunting to even start the process of buying custom tailored shirts because of all the details, but at the end of the day you have been smart enough and good enough to land your dream job, so you certainly can handle buying a couple of custom online dress shirts. Below are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Buying Custom-Made Dress Shirts Online is Convenient and Easy

What is the Dress Code of Your Company?

If your new company is a traditional company where men wear suits and ties every day, then you will need to find a classic style shirt with an elegant cut. Shirts with classic pointed collars and French cuffs exude confidence and class. Stick with classic color choices that fit into more traditional situations. White, blue, ecru, soft pink, light gray, and lavender, along with basic vertical stripes, are best for a more traditional office environment.


Business Formal        Business Casual

How to Make your Business Casual, "Power Casual"!

If your company is business casual and does not require a tie every day, you can go with the more casual style shirts, including the newer shorter collar point lengths and/or button-down collars. The button-down look often portrays the more techie side of the world, while the new shorter collar point length collar gives the impression of the looser, more creative side. Color choices can be pretty much anything you want. However, avoid colors that do not complement your personal color palette. Patterns such as checks, plaids, and stripes, give style, interest, and flair to your smart casual look and are also okay in these environments.

Dress to Impress!

As you climb the corporate ladder, you will be able to add custom-made shirts to your wardrobe for each exact situation. There is no better feeling than impressing the CEO by being prepared, confident, and looking professional. A crisp, clean, custom shirt always exudes confidence and style and may be the ticket to your next promotion.

A Custom Shirt Always Exudes Confidence

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