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Ecru Dress Shirts
($59 - $165)

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Custom Economy Collection (Cotton Blends and Cottons)

Classic Dress Shirt - 60/40 Cotton Blend Broadcloth $49

Luxury Custom Collection (Made in Italy)

Solid Broadcloth - Made in Italy $179
100's 2-Ply Egyptian Cotton $175
Sea Island Broadcloth $280
Super Fine Herringbones - Made in Italy $265
Fashion Designer Janine Giorgenti

About Ecru
Style Notes From Janine

Ecru, commonly called off white, signifies purity, cleanliness, simplicity and honesty. For dress shirts, ecru is considered an executive color. The perfect shirt for a suit and tie, it is a staple in a businessman's wardrobe. This all-time classic exudes credibility.

Ecru shirts look best on men with warm undertones. Wear ecru dress shirts with navy, black, olive, brown and charcoal suits. Try one of our beautiful ecru custom dress shirts with a sport coat or add a tie for a more finished look.

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Janine Giorgent is a nationally recognized image consultant.


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