Our Custom Made Dress Shirt Process

The Foundation of Our Process: Our proprietary custom made dress shirt process runs on a 99.99% stable, reliable and secured web-based platform. This ensures that your  measurements are accurately saved in our database for your initial order and re-order.

Step One

Your order is electronically transferred to our state-of-the-art production facility in a seamless manner, so nothing gets lost or misinterpreted. This helps us eliminate mistakes inherently associated with faxed or handwritten order systems used by some custom dress shirt manufacturing companies.

Step Two

Next, our measurement system alerts our pattern makers to any measurements provided by you which do not conform to custom shirt industry standards. The idea is to catch potential pattern-making mistakes before they happen, thus ensuring that you receive a perfect fit.

Step Three

If we have a question regarding any of the measurements, we will call to confirm and correct the measurements before the order is sent to our custom dress shirt manufacturing facility. This is our second buffer against sending wrong or inaccurate measurements to our shop.

Step Four

Each order is double checked for measurements by skilled pattern makers. Any inconsistencies are fixed before the order goes into the cutting room. This extra precautionary step helps us achieve the desired fit.

Step Five 

Fabrics are checked in our fabric lab to confirm the accuracy of the fabric content claimed by the fabric mills. This is done to ensure you receive the material you ordered.

Step Six

The fabric is run through special equipment to check for any imperfections in the weave or color. Any damaged fabric is removed. This way, we make sure you receive your shirt without any fabric defects.

Step Seven

Fabric is checked for maximum allowable shrinkage. We do this by actually shrinking the individual fabrics. This allows us to make shirts with proper built- in shrinkage allowances so your shirt doesn’t get tight after a few washings.

Each custom dress shirt goes through fifteen check points of quality control to ensure superior craftsmanship.

Nine Things That Make Our Shirts the Perfect Fit

Double Reinforced Fused Collar for a nice crisp collar. Our collars are hand-made in two pieces, so they hug the neck better than a single piece collar.

Bias Split Yoke for movement, flexibility and comfort. We use a two-piece yoke to create a perfect, smooth shoulder line. 

Matching Stripes for an expensive, sophisticated look.  

Single Needle Stitching for a natural stretch that won't break the seams.

Two Spare Buttons sewn in the shirt tail. No need to scramble for spare buttons.

Extra Pair of Collar Stays for those who don’t make it back from the cleaners.

Removable Collar Stays keep your shirt collar crisp and firm all day but removable for washing and ironing.

Sleeve Placket Button helps achieve a finished look by not showing skin.

Visit our FAQs page for more information about our custom dress shirt design process.

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