"Business Ettiquette"

1) Incoming phone calls always take precedence over talking to co-workers at your desk.
2) When a co-worker or your boss cannot take a call, the appropriate response would be:
3) You find yourself in an exchange of office gossip among co-workers. What should you do?
4) It is all right to take something from a colleague's desk as long as you bring it right back.
5) Gift-giving in the office should:
6) While conversing with a business peer, you are joined by an executive from your firm. You should:
7) When introducing yourself in a business networking situation, always include your name, company, and job title.
8) Immediately upon meeting someone, use his or her name in conversation to help remember it.
9) When given a stick-on label with your name on it, place it on your left shoulder area.
10) A visitor enters the room. What should you do?
11) One should always show respect by saying hello and showing acknowledgment whenever a high company official enters the room.
12) You are at the front of a crowded elevator when the doors open at a floor other than the one you want. What should you do?
13) Business dining is a good time to try new and exotic menu items.
14) You have invited a client out to dine and you want to avoid problems with the bill. What should you do?
15) You are hosting a dinner party at an exclusive restaurant. Your guests have just ordered drinks at the bar when you are told your table is ready. Do you:
16) When you arrange a restaurant meal, always make an advance reservation, giving your name and the name of your company.
17) If your luncheon partners have abstained from cocktails, it's polite to:
18) As soon as you are seated, put the napkin in your lap.
19) When ordering from the menu, you should:
20) Foods that are inappropriate to eat during a business dinner are:
21) Tear rolls into one bite-sized piece at a time and butter them individually on your butter plate.
22) When conversing with people you don't know well in a business situation, it is always safe to:
23) At the end of the meal, leave your napkin:

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