"Nonverbal Communication"

1) Your body language is less important than the words you use to communicate.
2) When you spend time in a waiting room before an appointment, you should:
3) Being able to read another person's nonverbal body language helps us understand situations and events as they relate to that person.
4) A good handshake should be:
5) Your arms are filled with documents when someone introduces himself and extends his hand. What should you do?
6) Your handshake has been met with bone-crushing force. You should:
7) A two-handed clasp is an acceptable handshake in most business situations.
8) The single most important nonverbal signal is a genuine smile.
9) During a business presentation, if you sense that you are losing the audience's attention, you should:
10) Some important information needs to be communicated, but you sense that this is not a good time for it to get the attention it needs. You should:
11) In a one-on-one meeting, maintaining eye contact is recommended.
12) Where is it best to sit if you want to interact with a specific person during a meeting?
13) The best place to sit at a meeting if you want to avoid contact with someone is:
14) When given a choice of chairs you should choose:
15) For best communication between you and two others at a meeting, position yourself:
16) Listening habits to avoid:
17) People often show their discomfort when their personal space is invaded by:
18) Peering over your glasses at someone seems to say, "I'm superior to you."
19) Slumping, slouching, or keeping your hands clasped firmly in front of you signals to others that you are a weak or submissive person.
20) The best way to include a newcomer in a conversation is to:
21) Before you attempt to resolve problems, compose yourself and deal with your frustrations and emotions first!
22) Disagreements or confrontations are best handled out in the open where there will be witnesses.
23) Physical contact, such as hugging, and kissing on the cheek, can be:
24) When angry with an employee, co-worker or partner it is best to
25) If something has happened on the job or in your personal life to cause you frustration, disappointment or anger, you should:

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