"PSST...Your Manners Are Showing"

1) A gentleman helping a woman with her coat or to seat her at a table may be charming on a date, but may be considered inappropriate at a business dinner.
2) If you don't know what to order when being taken out to dinner, you should:
3) If you are dining on a budget, it is most economical to order "a la carte."
4) When you have to leave the table to go to the restroom, it is best to say:
5) If you drop your fork on the floor, it's best to:
6) Which things should you do when eating soup?
7) If your soup is too hot, it is best to blow on it to cool it down.
8) If you spill something on someone, you should:
9) When eating bread or rolls:
10) If the salt or pepper shaker is not directly in front of you:
11) Which item is awkward to eat when dining out?
12) When is it proper to pick up your chicken?
13) It is polite to:
14) Elbows on the table when dining?
15) After you have cut your meat:
16) If you bite down on a piece of gristle or a bone, it is best to:
17) What should you do with your napkin?
18) To indicate to the waiter that you do not want to refill, you should:
19) When shaking hands, a man should always wait for a woman to extend her hand first.
20) Which is the correct way to introduce a new hire to the CEO of your company?
21) When you introduce your father to your boss, you should first say:

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