"Successful Image"

1) We often try to avoid passing judgment too quickly, but, when first meeting someone, we inevitably judge them by how they look.
2) A company's business stature is often revealed through its employees' style and quality of dress.
3) Which suit color is the most authoritative?
4) A $800 suit is a bargain if you can wear it for five years.
5) If a man could have only one sport coat to use for informal business occasions, it should be a navy sport coat.
6) It is too informal for a man to wear a short-sleeved shirt under his jacket at the office.
7) Inexpensive polyester neckties are a good choice for business wear because if they get dirty they can be tossed in the washing machine.
8) For the conservative office, jewelry should be limited to a few discreet, tasteful pieces.
9) A men's double-breasted suit jacket should never be worn open.
10) Men's socks should:
11) Men should wear over-the-calf socks to the office.
12) Eyeglasses should:
13) Men's mustaches and beards:
14) Which of the following are important for good grooming?
15) What is acceptable "Business Casual" attire?
16) "Situational Dressing" means considering the day's activities and agenda when determining whether to dress casually or more formally.
17) The visual effect of clothing reflects your:

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