"Are You Casually Correct?"

1) What are your thoughts or feelings when you spend money on business attire?
2) How would you rate your business casual wardrobe?
3) How comfortable are you around people who are well dressed?
4) How much effort and thought do you put into what you wear to work each day?
5) Have you ever declined an invitation, or changed a meeting place or a restaurant because you were not properly dressed?
6) If you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror are you satisfied with your reflection?
7) Are you confused about what to wear when an invitation or a meeting calls for "Business Casual?"
8) When an occasion calls for "Business Casual," do you still show up in a suit, because all you have in your wardrobe is suits or jeans and gym clothes?
9) Have you ever apologized for your appearance or felt uncomfortable or embarrassed, because you were dressed down too far?
10) Have you ever been held back from a promotion or job assignment, or been excluded from a meeting, because you lacked the required polish and dressing skills?
11) Has management ever reprimanded you for inappropriate dress?
12) How important is to you to dress the part for work?
13) Have you ever intentionally eluded the boss, or avoided meeting a client, because you were dressed down too far to make a businesslike impression?
14) How happy are you with your appearance?
15) Do you think there is a difference between weekend casual wear and appropriate "Business Casual" wear for work?
16) If you think your "Business Casual" attire is not quite up to par, but the others at work dress far worse than you, are you appropriately dressed?
17) Should you be paying far less, because it is "Business Casual" clothing?
18) Do you resent having to pay for dry cleaning your clothes in order to keep them in top condition?
19) Do you resist change in trying different styles and ways of dressing when it comes to "Business Casual" because you are unfamiliar with it?
20) Do you mind standing out in the crowd and getting noticed for your professional appearance?

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