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Janine Giorgenti

The Importance of a Pilot Shirt

The image that an airline pilot projects to the rest of the crew and the passengers is very important. The pilots shirt plays an integral part in creating the proper image. Dressing neatly and professionally instills feelings of trustworthiness and confidence. The pilot is seen as a person of authority.

Why Janine Giorgenti Should Make Your Next Pilot Shirt

Janine Giorgenti is an authority on how to dress for success for your profession. She reaches thousands through her “Dress for Success” seminars, TV and Radio appearances.

Janine understands pilots need to always look sharp. Giorgenti has developed cutting edge techniques for creating a professional image for pilots.

Giorgenti custom made pilot shirts are fitted to your exact measurements and personal preferences. Once the measurements are taken, a custom pattern is made for the pilot shirt being ordered. After making your pattern, Giorgenti uses it as a template for making your pilot shirts.

The benefits of a custom made pilot shirt
  • Better Fit
  • More Comfortable
  • Variety of Fabrics to Choose from such as 100% cotton, Blend, or Luxury fabrics
  • Extra Details Such as an Additional Pocket etc.
  • Personalizing the Shirt with Your Monogram Initials
The reality is that the "bush" pilot may be VERY experienced,
but image is everything to a nervous passenger.

Let Janine help you create the right image!

You will love her custom made pilot shirts. Guaranteed.

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