The Essential of White Dress Shirt!

The Versatile Classic Dress Shirt that Goes with Everything

What is the subliminal message of a white dress shirt?

White Dress Shirts Portray Credibility

White projects purity, cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity.  Doctors don white coats when they work.  In Western cultures, brides traditionally wear white gowns. A white picket fence surrounds a safe and happy home.  Many believe that white represents the color of light and is an emblem of the divine.

A Good White Dress Shirt - Classic Dressing 101

The Classic White Business Dress Shirt

The first element in a man's wardrobe is the simple white dress shirt. Like a fresh beginning, white dress shirts convey a message of credibility, purity, cleanliness, simplicity, and honesty. Men's white dress shirts are universally accepted business attire. The perfect business shirt for a suit and tie, or as a great classic casual shirt, it is a staple in a man's wardrobe. This all-time classic is very versatile and exudes credibility.

No White Lie

"White covers a multitude of sins."--Jonathan Milne

Truth be told, a man can never have enough white dress shirts in his wardrobe. White shirts can be totally dressed up or totally dressed down, but the bottom line is, they go with every color suit and tie, blazer and sport coat for formal attire, as well as chinos, jeans, and shorts for a casual look. Either way, white shirts always look smart and never go out of favor. You can wear men's white dress shirts for business, or opt for a weekend casual look or a night out at the club, by wearing your white shirt open-collared, with the sleeves rolled up and un-tucked, sporting the shorter shirttail length. Or, just look sexy and hot and go for it, by wearing the shirt totally open, for a breezy day at the beach.

White Dress Shirts Can Be Dressed Up or Dressed Down

White Dress Shirts for Tuxedo Shirts and Formal Wear

White tuxedo shirts are a must have, especially for formal occasions. You can choose a delicious texture like a Twill or Royal Oxford, and keep the front plain, or choose a solid Broadcloth with a tucked bib front. Either way, add a wing or spread collar and French cuffs, and you will look superb and on top of your game.

Elegant Tuxedo Shirt Styles

The Most Popular Custom Dress Shirt Fabrics and Styles

The most popular white dress shirts are Broadcloth and Pinpoint Oxford for classic dress and Royal Oxford, Herringbone, and Twill for a more elegant, fashion flair. White-on-White and Pique are great picks for formal and tuxedo shirts.

White Dress Shirts Can Be Styled to Look Traditional or Dressy

White Shirt Fabric Glossary

Broadcloth, sometimes called Poplin, is a smooth, versatile, sheeting-type fabric that is graded by thread count. Very basic is a 60 single-count, usually in a blend. A higher thread count, like a 100's count two-ply in an Egyptian, or Pima Cotton, ensures that these classic men's dress shirts will be smoother and softer, and more wrinkle-resistant. Very high end and super luxurious would be a Sea-Isle Cotton in a 140s thread count. A great choice for custom dress shirts, Broadcloth can be worn every day, casual and open-collared with or without a sport jacket, or with a suit and tie.

White Pinpoint Oxford dress shirts are made of a thicker, slightly textured fabric, which lends itself to a sportier look. Because of the thicker yarn and texture, a lower thread count still makes a substantial shirt. We recommend this cloth to the customer on a budget, who is looking for a popular-priced dress shirt. Ideal for button-down shirts, these shirts are great worn open-collared for casual days and nights.

Royal Oxford, Twill, or Herringbone white dress shirts have a definite texture that makes them trendy and the designer's choice for a cool looking, classy, open-collared look or refined with a wide spread collar and French cuffs for dressy occasions. Bespoke elegance is the result of wearing one of these eye-catching men's dress shirt fabrics with a spread collar and French cuffs.

Look sophisticated and stylish at your next formal event when you wear a White-on-White dress shirt with a medium or spread collar and French cuffs. Or, select a wing collar and studs and turn it into a fabulous tuxedo shirt.

At the other end of the spectrum, the men's white Linen shirt is just cool and classic chic! Roll up the sleeves, open the collar, and wear the shirttail in or out. Expect it to wrinkle, which is the hallmark of linen, considered acceptable and fashionable.

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