Giorgenti’s Picks for Pantone Colors Spring 2016

After viewing this Spring’s new Pantone color report, we picked out our closest options to ensure you are wearing this season’s hottest colors. Grab ‘em before they are gone, Gents!

If you enjoy Pantone 13-1520 “Rose Quartz”, we have the blush pink L5712-B in our Luxury line of fabrics.

L5712-B Luxury Pink Broadcloth

Our brilliant Luxury Broadcloth in L6149-C Blue will cover you on the bold “Serenity” Pantone 15-3919.

Dress Well! Be Well!


Luxury Broadcloth L6149-C Blue

The fun Pantone 19-4049 in “Snorkel Blue” will get some major attention by the pool this summer as well. We recommend a short sleeve version of the below pictured shirt in our Deluxe Broadcloth, M1055 Royal.

Royal Broadcloth in the Deluxe line M1055

“Buttercup” Pantone 12-0752 will brighten your day at the office. We recommend a medium spread collar with a button cuff in L6147-C Marigold.

Marigold L6147-C is a Spring staple in our Luxury line

“Limpet Shell” Pantone 13-4810 is a real eye catcher! Design your own close rendition in Teal Blue M11564 from our Deluxe line.

Teal Blue M11564 makes a statement

My personal favorite, Pantone 16-3905 “Lilac Gray” can be found in our Deluxe Violet Pinpoint Oxford M11336.

Violet M11336 has hints of both lilac and gray.

A neutral shirt is always perfect for any season. We prefer L6142-C Tan from our Luxury line in place of Pantone 15-1040 “Iced Coffee”.

Our Luxury Tan L6142-C goes with everything

If you are really looking to turn heads, try out E11451A in Apple Green as Pantone 15-0146 Green Flash. It’s a statement color!

Apple Green E11451A will create a stir this Spring.

Spring Summer 2016′s Best Shirting Color

What’s the best shirting color for the upcoming warm seasons? Don’t hang up that Field Jacket just yet according to those in the men’s fashion field. From Fall and Winter in casual wear, the army green continues to stand out, Gents.

We’ve also begun to see olive green suits in lighter weight wools on the rise. This might be something to think about if you are ready to add a new suit to your collection this season.

As for shirting fabrics, the trendiest of the trends are now in all shades of green. Rather than camouflaging during the warmer months, however, we invite you to try shades of Sage and Jade to jazz up your shirt collection.

Sage Green L6143-C can be found in our Luxury fabric line.
Sage Green L6143-C can be found in our Luxury fabric line.
Jade Green E11858A is located in our Custom Economy fabric line for only $79
Jade Green E11858A is located in our Custom Economy fabric line for only $79

Whether it be a stripe or a solid, Spring and Summer 16′s best new color is hands down, Green. Go get’em boys!

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Layer Up your Spring Style

Spring is such a great time for those transition wardrobe pieces from the chilly mornings to the sunny afternoons.  Layering these pieces, however can sometimes seem a bit daunting. Some guys seem to just know how to layer. They always look clean and well put together. Here are a few tips for your Spring layering challenge.

1. Mix up your textures and patterns. Try a light tweed sport coat over a chambray shirt, a plaid coat and patterned scarf, or your softest cashmere V-neck over your shirt and tie with a pair of heavier twill pants.



2. Use accessories wisely. If thinking of wearing a suit with a lightweight scarf, try ditching the tie and wearing your collar open.


3. Give a trend a try. You may be sighting a few floral prints on men these days but that doesn’t mean you have to wear a floral button down shirt. Try a pop of floral in a tie.


4. Add color. Pair a crisp white shirt with a bold pair of chinos for instant style. Add a scarf and sunglasses for affect.


5. Or don’t. Try a minimalist monochrome layering technique. All shades of gray or tan.


Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Best Shirting Fabrics for the Warm Months

Looking for some great new dress shirts but unsure which fabric will keep you cool this Spring and Summer?

My first recommendation to stay cool and dry during the warm months would, hands down, be a Broadcloth. Known for it’s smooth finish, a Broadcloth fabric is both dressy and versatile. It is lightweight and durable and is what 90% of dress shirts are made from. I recommend an all cotton Broadcloth in either our Deluxe or Luxury line.

If you are looking for a bit more of a casual shirt, I would point you toward a Chambray fabric. Chambray, also known as End on end, was first invented by the French (fil-à-fil), a fabric in which white thread is interwoven with a colored thread to produce an interesting, subtle texture. Soft and comfortable, our chambray dress shirts are a great wardrobe staple and transition well from business formal to country club casual.

Questions? Email me at or leave a comment!

Lengthen the Life of your Dress Shirts

Keep your dress shirts crisp with these tips.

1. Rotation: Keep a stock of enough shirts so you are able to rotate them throughout the week. I recommend at least 5 shirts for a normal work week.

2. Launder less: No matter if you wash at home or send them out, do it less often. The more you launder, the faster you will wear down the fibers in the shirt. Try to get 2-3 wears out of a shirt before you wash it. Only wash once it smells that it needs it.

3. Treat stains immediately: If you see a stain, take care of it before it sets. Carry a stain stick with you or keep one in your desk at work.

4. Avoid starch: Starching also wears down the fibers of the shirt and will shorten the life of the shirt. Buy top quality dress shirts and you won’t need to add the chemicals.

5. Shampoo: Yes, you read that right. Treat ring around the collar with a clarifying shampoo before laundering to break down the oil that creates the problem in the first place.




The One Question to Ask your Tailor

“Will my clothes actually be custom made or will they be altered to fit me?”

Did you know that in some cases, a “tailor” will simply purchase a ready made suit, shirt, or pair of pants and either alter them himself (herself)…or (GASP) even have someone else alter them? Wait. Why, then are you paying them the exorbitant amount of money? We don’t know either.

We make it quite easy to get those shirts and pants at an affordable price and guess what? We actually do the work. They ARE custom made. It may take a while but we believe a custom fit is worth the wait.

Before he or she whips out the endless pile of fabric swatches and seamstress tape, ask them this simple question. If there is a moment of stammering, walk out the door.

Dress well! Be well!

-Meghan Henley


4 Reasons to Add Minimalism to your Menswear

If you are a minimalist when it comes to your office or home decor, perhaps your personal style is minimalistic already. However, if this isn’t the case for you, maybe it is time to dial your wardrobe DOWN a notch. Why go for menswear minimalism?

1. It is easy. It is very difficult to mess up minimalism. Stick to monochrome colors and you are set. Not much to think about at all. Black, grays and whites OR shades of tan and white.


2. It isn’t trendy but it keeps your look modern, everytime.


3. It can be worn on any occasion and grabs attention. We are drawn to effortless style and this one is always a winner.


4. Minimalism shows class and elegance. Try to remember the last time you saw someone wearing monochrome who didn’t look classy.


Dress well! Be well!

-Meghan Henley

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8 Reasons to Buy a Custom Shirt


Just a little reminder what makes a custom shirt so great (besides the obvious FIT):

1. Double Reinforced Fused Collar for a nice crisp collar. Our collars are hand-made in two pieces, so they hug the neck better than a single piece collar.

2. Bias Split Yoke for movement, flexibility and comfort. We use a two-piece yoke to create a perfect, smooth shoulder line.

3. Matching Stripes for an expensive, sophisticated look.

4. Single Needle Stitching for a natural stretch that won’t break the seams.

5. Two Spare Buttons sewn in the shirt tail. No need to scramble for spare buttons.

6. Extra Pair of Collar Stays for those who don’t make it back from the cleaners.

7. Removable Collar Stays keep your shirt collar crisp and firm all day but removable for washing and ironing.

8. Sleeve Placket Button helps achieve a finished look by not showing skin.

Need more info? Read these FAQ

Dress well! Be well!

-Meghan Henley


New Trends, Styles and Dressing Tips are revealed by renowned designer and wardrobe consultant, Janine Giorgenti.

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