Community Outreach

Giorgenti Community Outreach

Giorgenti is a socially responsible, family-owned Custom Dress Shirt company. We pride ourselves on the care and respect given to all our employees. We are also environmentally aware and proactive.

We’re a socially-responsible company

  • We strongly believe in giving back to the communities we work and live.
  • Giorgenti supports the numerous charities donating thousands of dollars of custom dress shirts to be used to raise money at silent auctions and fundraising events including: donates custom dress shirts for Special Olympics donates custom dress shirts for McDonald donates custom dress shirts for Make a Wish donates custom dress shirts for Strong donates custom dress shirts for American Cancer donates custom dress shirts for American Heart donates custom dress shirts for North Shore

We’re an environmentally conscious company.

We are dedicated to environmental conscious practices such as conserving energy by employing water cooling instead of air conditioning at our factory. We’re also developing cotton fabrics containing at least 25% organic cotton to be used in our future products.

We’re committed to keeping our company totally paperless thus saving a lot of trees in the world. Few examples are below.

  • All orders are electronically sent to our factories which eliminates the need for printing orders and faxing them to production facilities.
  • We make patterns on CAD (Computer Aided Design) system so there is no need to make and save paper patterns.
  • We ask all of our vendors to send us electronic invoices to save paper.
  • Our overall e-commerce business model is environmentally-friendly because customers can buy our products without driving to stores and shopping mall. We also encourage our employees to work from home whenever possible to save fuel and reduce pollution.

We’re an employee friendly company

  • We believe education is the key to lift people from poverty. That’s why we have a special children’s education fund for our factory workers who cannot afford to send their children to school.
  • Due to the rising cost of health care, we have a special fund for medical emergencies for our factory workers and their extended families.
  • We employ international safety standards at our factory to protect our employees from all hazardous situations.
  • We offer job opportunities to stay-at-home moms so they can work part-time while taking care of their children.
  • We do not use child labor in our production facilities and we do not accept these practices from our suppliers.

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