Wide Spread Collar Dress Shirts

Wide Spread Collar Dress Shirts

The Hottest New Trend in Dress Shirt Collars.

Today’s hottest dress shirt collar style is the wide spread collar. Once made famous by the Duke of Windsor, today it has gained popularity by such super stars as the head coach of the World Cup winning German soccer team, Joachim Low, and Harvey Spector – in the hit TV series, ‘Suits’.

Germany head coach Joachim Low (front-left) and his World Cup have impeccable fashion on and off the ‘pitch’.

A wide spread collar dress shirt adds an air of formality and looks best with a thicker Windsor tie knot. Solid white shirts are the newest trend in dress shirts; however wide spread collars also lend them selves to check shirts, stripe shirts and shirts with white collars and white cuffs.

Wide spread dress shirts have a classy high-end look especially when the shirt is custom-made and well fitted around the neck.


Solid white wide spread collar dress shirts.


Getting a Promotion – Dressing the Part

Two Executives In Custom Dress Shirts Having A Business Lunch

It is important that you dress to impress

When you are ready to go to the next level and get the promotion that you have always wanted, you need to be sure that you are dressing like an executive. As a member of an executive team, you need to be able to blend in with your co-workers. You do not want to appear to be shabbily dressed when they are dressed in custom shirts. It is important that you dress to impress.

Executive custom shirts can give you the style that you need to help you get that promotion. When others view you as a person who can be in a position of authority, they are more likely to consider you for the job.

Remember, most executives want to hire a person who they can picture as a valuable co-worker. They want someone who does not need to be coached. They want a potential executive who already looks as though he or she is an executive.

Custom dress shirts can help you get the promotion

Custom dress shirts can help you fit in with others at the office. You will also have the confidence of knowing that you are dressed appropriately – an important factor for a corporate job. Your co-workers and executives will feel that you have good judgment and great taste, necessary qualifications for their next hire.

Match your custom dress shirts with your suits

As soon as you feel that you are ready to go for a promotion, you should consider visiting a professional stylist and having custom shirts designed to match your suits.

Clothing speaks volume about you

The elegant designs of the shirts will indicate that you are preparing for something more. You are also showing that you are in the position to handle additional challenges and that you can meet expectations.

How many shirts do you need to have in your wardrobe?

Be sure that you have enough shirts to wear every day at work, because consistency is important. Although some people feel that attire is secondary to performance, attire can be viewed as a component of performance at work, especially if your position will require that you work with clients or work with the public.

Why to have a well polished look?

Custom shirts help to set the tone for executives who know that they deserve a promotion, and with a well-polished look, you may be well on your way to landing that promotion.

How Creative Can You Be With a Dress Shirt?

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Fashion Shirt-1

How Creative Can You Be With a Dress Shirt?

No limits on dress shirt creativity.

Question: How creative can I go with my dress shirt?

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Fashion Shirt-2

Answer: As creative as you want! Over the past 3-4 years there has been a trend towards men wearing color and stylizing their dress shirts.

This new found creative freedom has hit the mainstream and once the Gene is out of the bottle it’s impossible to put back. So, don’t be afraid and go for it!