Club Collars and Collar Pins

Although it had been gaining momentum in the 1920′s during the Eton Age, it was an entire decade later that the club collar became the norm. In the 30′s, thanks to it’s good friend, the collar pin’s popularity the club collar truly took off.  The two just seemed to work perfectly together. Now, almost a century later, you can occasionally find them off the rack. Luckily, the custom route is an option. See some gorgeous examples of the club collar and pin combos here and let us know if you would like to create your own custom shirt design.  We can also make them with the eyelet holes but you will have to find an awesome collar pin. There are some pretty great collar pins out there on the market!












Interesting Tie Bars

A nice sized tie bar really makes the outfit in my opinion. Just make sure it covers the tie width by a tad more than half.

Here are a few fun and whimsical ways to stand out with your tie bar.

Anchor Up

Copper Tone








Cock it Sideways

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3 Ways to Wear Chambray

Chambray, you say? What is that, anyway? Although it may appear to be denim, it is not. It is usually an all cotton, nice lightweight woven fabric. Some may refer to it as an End-on-End fabric.  This term points out that it the fabric is comprised of mostly colored thread with some white or bleached thread  interwoven. This variation in color offers a soft edge and sometimes more casual look.

Here are some great ways to dress it up or dress it down toward the end of your summer and even into the Fall.










We currently have the below 4 shades of Chambray still in stock. You can create any of the above collar styles and play with your custom styling options.  Let me know if you need assistance or have questions in creating your new custom dress shirt.

Deluxe Sky Blue Chambray 30582
Deluxe Sky Blue Chambray 30405






Deluxe Purple Chambray 30581
Deluxe Pink Chambray 30584

How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

One of the big colors we will see in Fall is Red. Whether it be a Candy Apple,  Burnt Orange-red or a Burgundy, you need to add some of this to your wardrobe for Fall 2015. Let’s think outside the staple red tie and accessorize elsewhere. Here are few other options you may want to try out this year.

A Bold Shoe: With a shoe this bright, avoid too much else going on with your wardrobe.

Socks with Interest: Roll up your pant cuffs to show off some color.

Bright Suspenders: Matching your suspenders to a button hole stitching detail in the coat makes for a smooth outfit.








Color Burst Pants: Red Pants? Why not? We can even make some custom pants for you here.

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How To Wear a Professional Beard

The art of facial hair can be tricky.  Keep your look professional with these three choices. Any of these will work with your suit and custom dress shirt.

1. A Beard in all it’s Glory:

Go for it! If you are going full throttle into beard territory, I advise you consult a barber once you have more than just stubble. Ask him for a nice grooming trim and take notes. Ask where to buy some quality styling gear.  Once home, make sure to trim your manly beard-mane at least once a week. This will depend on how fast your hair grows. Don’t forget the mustache. It needs a trim more like 3-4 times a week. Tip: Don’t neglect the neck. Keep it clean. Even the back of the neck needs some attention between haircuts.

2.  5 O’clock Manicured Stubble:

First and foremost to get a great 5 O’clock shadow you need a great beard trimmer. It is worth the investment and will give you a uniform stubble. Take the guard off for the 5 O’clock shadow and shave down with the grain. Make sure to double check your neck and cheeks and wet shave those areas. I prefer a wet shave below the Adam’s Apple as well. Tip: Think about investing in a good badger brush. It actually exfoliates the skin and gives the skin a glow she will love.

3. The Classic Clean Shave:

It’s crisp and never goes out of style. A clean shaven face feels amazing when you follow the Hot, Wet, Cold Rule.

Hot: Steam, steam, steam in the shower or take a hot washcloth over the face for 3-5 minutes before lathering up for the shave.

Wet: Lather well with a quality shave cream and badger brush.

Cold: Close the pores with a cold washcloth or cold water rinse and after shave.

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How To Wear Sneakers with a Suit

If you want to give this look a shot, there are really only 2 rules in my opinion.

1. Only in a casual setting. Don’t wear sneakers to a wedding, please and obviously no sneakers to your next interview.

2. Avoid the bulky sneaker. Keep your sneakers streamline and slim.

Style Tips:

The Almost Matchy-Matchy Try matching your shoes to your tie and playing the contrast of the suit.

The Wow Factor: Try an eye-popping color to grab attention but keep it in the same color family or use a complimentary color.

Ecru is for Everyone: An Ecru sneaker will match just about any suit you have. Another option is pairing the sneaker color with a custom shirt in Ecru.

Leather Rules: I personally am a fan of the suit paired with a leather sneaker like this one from Gucci.

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Trending Ties for Fall 2015

We love the versatility of the trending knit tie. Whatever look you are going for, we captured some style inspiration for you.  Here are a few ideas for Fall 2015.

Business Casual: This coat and tie keep it cool. Gingham Dress Shirts are also currently trending.


A Little Whimsy: Pair a funky knit tie with a custom blue oxford shirt for a youthful look.

Fall Wedding: The knit horizontal stripe pairs well with the extreme spread collar shirt. You can create your custom dress shirt here.

Modern Professor: Create a stellar look with this knit diagonal stripe tie and a custom white collar dress shirt.


How To Match Shirts and Ties to Create a Desired Look

Stuck in a shirt and tie matching rut? Most likely you have 5-10 shirt/tie combinations that you feel are safe and stick to those. But that can get a little boring. We all need to have a little fun when matching our shirts and ties and it is high time we plan some new options for you. Here are just a few to get your color wheel and pattern ideas rolling.

1. Staying Solid

First, choosing the color of the tie based on the style you want will keep you looking sharp no matter the desired look.
For a Modern and Fashionable Look: Choosing a bright solid color tie on a solid color shirt will give you a more youthful and modern look.  Keeping the contrast high between the shirt and tie colors is key when going for this fashionable look.
This solid purple tie over a lavender shirt has high contrast creating a trendy and youthful look.

 In search of a more Sophisticated & Aristocratic Look: Pairing a black tie and black shirt will give you a polished, sophisticated and aristocratic look . Keeping a low contrast between the shirt and tie  colors is important in creating this style.  You can buy a solid black tie here and create your custom black dress shirt here.

A solid black tie over a black shirt gives an air of sophistication
Either of the above pairings will get some well deserved stares.

2. Playing with Patterns

By mixing and matching patterned shirts with different styles of ties you can create several appealing looks.
Check shirt with solid tie : This combination will give you a youthful, trendy and fashionable look.
Trendy and fashionable look with a check shirt and solid tie
Check shirt with a large polka dot tie : This sophisticated choice will give you a more aristocratic look.
Check shirt with a rep tie : Pulling these two together will give you a more professional look
Check shirt with a geometric tie: This creative combination will give you a very trendy and artsy look.


The following are tips to choose the right color combinations.

Afraid of wearing a patterned tie AND a patterned shirt? No reason to be afraid if you use these smart style tips.

First, pinpoint the main color in the shirt pattern and pick a hue similar to or darker than the base color for your tie.  Secondly, choose at least one solid, whether that be the suit, the shirt, or the tie. A smaller patterned shirt leads the way to the option of a bold stripe on the tie. Don’t be afraid to play with the other color choices in the pattern of the shirt or tie. Go further and pair it with a great set of matching cufflinks.

The navy tie works well with the base color of this check and the cufflinks hint at the gold polka dot.


blue+blue-stripesA pinstripe shirt allows for a bold striped tie when it keeps with the same color scheme


3. Another Solid Choice

Go ahead and pick your favorite check or striped shirt and pair it with a solid tie in a similar hue. You don’t have to use the same exact tone of solid tie when working with a printed shirt. This blue and gray hue scheme keeps the trendy and modern combination nice and cool. We just so happen to carry this steel gray color.  Buy it here.

4. Mix and Match

I am sure you have a favorite patterned tie as well. Keep it simple with a solid color shirt and a pinstripe suit to play with 2 patterns and a solid white base.  The pink, white, and black pattern in this tie paired with the white shirt would be perfected with a charcoal or even a light gray pinstripe suit.  Tip: Stay away from a dark solid shirt as it seems less formal. It truly limits your tie and suit combo options.

Pairing this duo with a charcoal pinstripe suit will make the tie pop

5. Using Compliments

Complimentary colors should be an important factor when creating your desired look. This complimentary color wheel points from one color to it’s compliment. Use this as your guideline for a great hue choices.

Complimentary Colors Guide


Notice the Orange arrow on the color wheel pointing toward the Blue. I love this combination and wish more men were sporting the combo like this interesting look.  Pair it with a light gray suit again and the compliments will come rolling in. Buy a similar orange tie here.

complimentary colors
Complimentary colors in orange and blue.

6. Analogous Situation

Feeling a bit more confident in your choosing than the previous suggestions? Let’s then take a look at the Analogous color wheel. This color wheel shows the different hues which work well together because they are right next to each other on the color wheel.  Feel free to go play with any color two blocks over as well. It sure simplifies the which hue works problem!


Source: Kat Eye Studio

Bringing it back to the Lavender and plum we started with. Why not go all out? This look is stunning. He has managed to wrap up most of our style points into one stellar suiting moment.

plum hues
This sophisticated yet modern look stems from his use of color, pattern, and the solid choice in his suit.

Source: Bows and Ties

-Meghan Henley