Army Green How-To

Army green doesn’t have to be so casual. I’ve seen the ladies all over this city sporting this in the evening and am starting to see it pop up on men as well.

Let’s start with my favorite, an Army Green Blazer.

This blazer is so versatile. Pair it with trousers or jeans.









A casual shoe that will match literally every color in your closet is Army Green and please the eye…and foot.








A nice topcoat will take you from Fall to Winter.


A real conversation piece: Eggplant trim on the army green topcoat.









Afraid to be that brave? Why not slide an Army Green watch on the wrist?

This affordable watch will keep the color trend subtle.









Why not be ahead of the game and grab a custom made shirt in the hip shade? We have a similar shade currently listed as “Sage” still in stock although the rest have already sold out!


Luxury Fabric Sage L6143-C






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4 Fall Accessories to Grab Right Now

Pulling out the lightweight jacket brings excitement for the accessories to come with the dropping temperatures. Sometimes updating your wardrobe is as easy as adding some masculine adornments.

1. Add a clean pair of black leather gloves.








2. Add an interesting scarf.








3.  Invest in a great Tweed Sport Coat








4. Top it off with a dapper hat








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-Meghan Henley

Casual Fall How-To

Staying casual doesn’t mean you have to walk out the door in a hoodie and joggers. Fall brings so many fashion possibilities as it allows us to layer the look. Most likely you already have a great white cotton button down to use as your base layer. If not,  I recommend investing in a couple of super soft Egyptian Cotton Broadcloth shirts in white so you are able to dress them up or down. I highly recommend going for a custom made shirt so that the bottom layer doesn’t create bulk. If your shirt is too large, the rest of the layers can cause a frumpy look. Make sure it fits.  Here are some great ways to take your shirts from the office into your evenings and weekends.

1. Go sans undershirt and socks. Until the real winter months hit, going without an undershirt and sockless keeps things looking casual and can be quite comfortable.

Gray and Brown are hot this Fall. Try out the trend.









2. Layer a fitted sweater over it. This is where the fit of your shirt really matters. If your shirt hangs around the mid-section, a fitted sweater won’t work. This sweater and shirt both fit him perfectly. If your shirt is too big, considering going custom and checking out our measurement form to get started.

Stick with a fitted sweater to avoid the bulky look.









3.  Pair with a colored jean. Try a colored jean this Fall. Denim doesn’t always need to be blue.  As I’ve mentioned before, Burgundy is the new color for Fall Fashion 2015.

Navy, wine, and camel is a great Fall go-to casual color combo.









4. Sweater-vests. They really can look cool. Leave the bottom button or two un-buttoned and add a tie. I prefer a knit or textured casual tie for this look. Find a solid black twill tie here.

Navy and Black is another winner color combo this season.









Send me some tips if you think of any more!

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Monochromatic Neutrals

Some of us hang on to summer and reluctantly give in to Fall Fashion while others jump in with both feet. I myself am looking forward to layering on the scarves and hats!

This year, the men’s fashion trend is head to toe neutrals. Chances are that you have lots of neutrals already in your closet which really makes this trend an easy one to follow. If not, we have tons of new shirting fabrics in from Italy in Ivory, Ecru, and Tan which makes it easy to order a new custom dress shirt and have it by the time you pull out the Camel blazer.

Here are some ideas for Fall menswear inspiration.

neutral1 neutral2 neutral3





























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Is Horizontal the New Stripe?

It seems we are seeing more and more horizontal stripes not only on the Runways but on the street. I couldn’t help but think about adding a horizontal striped tie to my husband’s wardrobe for the Fall.

Tip: Stick to subtle color palettes like these navy and white options to avoid being too bold.

Here are a few dapper ways to wear them.

1. Try a bespoke or custom dress shirt and style the striped details your way.

Change the direction of the stripe on your collar and placket for fun.









Tip: Avoid a repetitive horizontal striped shirt unless you are very lean. It can create the illusion of widening the mid-section of your body.

2. A horizontal striped tie, however is a great alternative.  There are currently tons on the market in silk and even textured fabrics.

A small striped tie can add flavor to a subtle pinstriped shirt.









3. A Statement Piece-Dare to have fun! A Nautical style jacket may not be for everyone but get creative in how you wear your horizontal stripes.

Keep the rest of your wardrobe simple if wearing a statement piece like this.









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How to Create a Custom Bond Style

The actor may change but the Bond Style remains the same. There are so many ways you can achieve this style.

In Octopussy, Roger Moore chose a taller collar height and a longer pointed collar style. To get this look, go with a custom dress shirt and choose a Traditional Point collar. Make that a tall collar band height and ask for 3 1/4 collar point length.














Sean Connery, however goes with a shorter point length and more of a spread. For this look, choose a Medium Spread collar with a short point length. I would recommend a 2 or 2 1/4 inch collar point length. Shortening the back height may be a wise addition if you have a shorter neck.








Connery’s tux style is pretty smooth as well.  He went with a wing tip collar and a 1/2 inch pleated front. It seems the jacket may be Ivory while the shirt is bright white. I would try to match the two myself.







In Skyfall, Daniel Craig chooses a Tab collar. We can make your Tab collar with a snap or button.





In Casino Royale, he chooses a crisp tuxedo shirt. Choose a  Fly Front Tuxedo shirt and a Lay Down collar to get a smooth look like this at your next formal event.








His suit and shirt choices are just as classy as his Martinis. Let us know if you need help styling your Bond shirt.

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How To Improve the Fit of your Dress Shirt

1- The Collar: When buttoned, it fits properly if one finger fits comfortably inside the collar front. It is too loose and may create a gaping look if two fingers can fit.





2- Sleeve Length: Simply choosing the size  S, M, or L can quickly get you into trouble. For starters, the shrinkage usually hasn’t been adjusted in a store bought shirt. It may look great on you in the mirror at Macy’s but it has been wet then dried more than once, it may no longer work for you. Remember, your collar cannot be made larger and sleeve cannot be made longer. Most of the time the left and right arms are actually different lengths. Make sure both are measured separately and go custom.

Sleeve Lengh C







3- Trim Fit? Athletic? What is right for me?  No one wants a tight shirt nor do they want a bulky fit. Buy the slimmest shirt you can comfortably wear for the cleanest look. If you wear prefer to wear an undershirt, make sure you have one on when you try on your custom dress shirt. The proper measurements are at the nipple line for the chest and the roundest part of the midsection of the waist. (This is going to be larger than your pant size so do not be alarmed by this measurement!) If you are going custom, choose trim fit if your arms and chest are truly slender. Athletic is your choice if you have larger biceps and chest muscles as there will be more room in those two places.

Shirt Waist







4- What is the current collar style?  Currently trending is the Wide Spread and the Extreme Widespread or Cutaway collar. If you like to keep it Classic, choose a Traditional Point collar on your custom dress shirt.

5- Where should the shoulder seam land? The shoulder seam should be on the ball-mount top of the shoulder if the fit is right. If it hangs over, it can cause the sleeve to be too long. If it is too tight, your armhole will feel restricted.

Yoke A





6-Where should the cuff fall? The cuff should show about 1 1/2 inches out of the coat sleeve or come to the “break” of the wrist (where it begins to slope out into your hand).








7-Tail Length: Make sure there is enough length to stay in but only about 4 inches should tuck in. Don’t pull a large amount of fabric out to hang over the belt line.

Shirttail Length







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Celebrity Style: Idris Elba

There is a lot of social media chatter on the smoothest dude around. Idris Elba is always in a suit. Here are a few ways to be as smooth in a suit as this guy.

Iris Elba5
Try a three piece suit and play with mixing different size and angle of stripes. Stick to black, gray, and white to be safe.


Try a well fitted double breasted suit. Don’t let the coat length fall too low and choose a slim fitting pant leg.
idris elba 2
Try a solid black skinny textured tie.



Idris Elba 3
Boost a navy suit with brightly colored ties and shirts. Stay within the same hues and choose two shades closely matched.










How To Wear The Three Piece Suit

So you decided to venture into the world of the three piece suit. Great! Now, let’s add some details.

Choose a shirt with a contrasting collar and cuff and add a matching pocket square. You can design your own white collar dress shirt here.








Show some belt. Add a contrasting belt and leave the coat unbuttoned.

3piecewith belt







Why not pull out your grandfather’s pocket watch? What’s the point of it sitting in your valet box?









Haven’t bought your three piece yet? Why not try this season’s new color: Wine? It looks great with the rounded collar. We can make your custom dress shirt in this style. Start your new club collar shirt here.








Or perhaps buy one with a scoop front vest?








Smoke in your three piece. Just kidding. Don’t smoke. But Daniel Craig is cool.








Let me know how you wear yours. Dress well! Be well!

-Meghan Henley