How to match your dress shirt to your pants

For today, let’s forget the coat! Let’s talk about how to add shirt colors to your wardrobe based on the dress slacks already hanging in your closet.

First let’s review 2 basic tips on choosing the right dress shirt color for your pants.

1-Watch the SHOES: Note the color choice of your shoe in combination with the pant and shirt colors.

For instance, If you have a black shoe, gray pant, and deep red shirt, things can get a little ‘iffy’. I would choose a lighter color up top for a dress shirt like lavender or sky blue.

2-Watch the HUES: If you are wearing a light colored bottom, it is tough again to go with a deeper color up top. Keep the darker shades lower on the body.

Now onto the fun part. Choice of Color:

Gray Pants: All shades of silver, charcoal, and medium gray are currently trending. It is considered a neutral shade and can pretty much take any color dress shirt in stride but there are a few things to take into consideration. Soft gray pants call for a soft pastel colored shirt. If you choose a Charcoal gray, on the other hand, pretty much any color shirt will work. Again, I recommend keeping the darker colors toward the lower part of your body:  the slacks.

Brown: A good rule of thumb here is going by what you want to avoid. Avoid dark and bright colored shirts.  Sticking to neutrals is great for brown slacks, an ecru shirt with a brown rep tie would be nice and of course a white dress shirt is always an easy choice.  Tip: Choose a deeper brown shoe and avoid colors found in the forest, especially deep green. You don’t want to look like a tree or someone going on Safari.

Olive: Very fashionable in the colder months, Olive is a great neutral choice that can be argued as both classic and modern. A clean white shirt creates a smooth dressy look with olive slacks while a bolder color like this season’s wine also works well. Tip: Again, make sure to go for a hints of the wine in the shirt. Don’t go for a solid maroon shirt with a dark olive pant. For a less dressy feel, try a casual shirt with hints of gray and navy with your olive pants. Think checks and plaids in these shades.

Black: By far, black is the easiest of pants to match. Jewel colors are great choices with black pants. Think of Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green,  and Ruby Red. I advise to avoid pastels altogether with a black pant They often create a washed out look when paired with such a bold color slack. Tip: If there is a stripe or pattern to your black pant, go sans pattern on the shirt.

Navy: Classic and elegant. Again, pretty much anything goes with navy but be sure to avoid a shirt darker than or close to the pant. Great color choices with navy would be white, ecru, and any pastel. Pair these with a bold colored tie and you are ready to go.

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Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley