Best Shirting Fabrics for the Warm Months

Looking for some great new dress shirts but unsure which fabric will keep you cool this Spring and Summer?

My first recommendation to stay cool and dry during the warm months would, hands down, be a Broadcloth. Known for it’s smooth finish, a Broadcloth fabric is both dressy and versatile. It is lightweight and durable and is what 90% of dress shirts are made from. I recommend an all cotton Broadcloth in either our Deluxe or Luxury line.

If you are looking for a bit more of a casual shirt, I would point you toward a Chambray fabric. Chambray, also known as End on end, was first invented by the French (fil-à-fil), a fabric in which white thread is interwoven with a colored thread to produce an interesting, subtle texture. Soft and comfortable, our chambray dress shirts are a great wardrobe staple and transition well from business formal to country club casual.

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Lengthen the Life of your Dress Shirts

Keep your dress shirts crisp with these tips.

1. Rotation: Keep a stock of enough shirts so you are able to rotate them throughout the week. I recommend at least 5 shirts for a normal work week.

2. Launder less: No matter if you wash at home or send them out, do it less often. The more you launder, the faster you will wear down the fibers in the shirt. Try to get 2-3 wears out of a shirt before you wash it. Only wash once it smells that it needs it.

3. Treat stains immediately: If you see a stain, take care of it before it sets. Carry a stain stick with you or keep one in your desk at work.

4. Avoid starch: Starching also wears down the fibers of the shirt and will shorten the life of the shirt. Buy top quality dress shirts and you won’t need to add the chemicals.

5. Shampoo: Yes, you read that right. Treat ring around the collar with a clarifying shampoo before laundering to break down the oil that creates the problem in the first place.