8 Reasons to Buy a Custom Shirt


Just a little reminder what makes a custom shirt so great (besides the obvious FIT):

1. Double Reinforced Fused Collar for a nice crisp collar. Our collars are hand-made in two pieces, so they hug the neck better than a single piece collar.

2. Bias Split Yoke for movement, flexibility and comfort. We use a two-piece yoke to create a perfect, smooth shoulder line.

3. Matching Stripes for an expensive, sophisticated look.

4. Single Needle Stitching for a natural stretch that won’t break the seams.

5. Two Spare Buttons sewn in the shirt tail. No need to scramble for spare buttons.

6. Extra Pair of Collar Stays for those who don’t make it back from the cleaners.

7. Removable Collar Stays keep your shirt collar crisp and firm all day but removable for washing and ironing.

8. Sleeve Placket Button helps achieve a finished look by not showing skin.

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Dress well! Be well!

-Meghan Henley