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Trim Your Shirt Fat

Baggy shirt
The excess fabric at his waistline creates a sloppy look.

A dress shirt with too much fabric at the waistline looks sloppy and unprofessional especially when the shirt has no jacket to hide beneath.

There are two quick fixes to trim the fat of your shirt. You may have it professionally altered or buy a new custom dress shirt.

Having a shirt altered is an expensive endeavor and there is no guarantee that the shirt will even be a great fit at the end of the process.

Buying a new custom made shirt with your specific body measurements is the better option.  Once you get the right fit, you can quickly and easily re-order.

Technology has made it quite easy to buy a custom dress shirt. Be sure to find an online shirt maker with a good and long standing reputation for quality craftsmanship and tailoring. Once you have a great fitting shirt without  excess bulk around the waist, you will look and feel more confident.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Wide Spread Collar Dress Shirts

Wide Spread Collar Dress Shirts

The Hottest New Trend in Dress Shirt Collars.

Today’s hottest dress shirt collar style is the wide spread collar. Once made famous by the Duke of Windsor, today it has gained popularity by such super stars as the head coach of the World Cup winning German soccer team, Joachim Low, and Harvey Spector – in the hit TV series, ‘Suits’.

Germany head coach Joachim Low (front-left) and his World Cup have impeccable fashion on and off the ‘pitch’.

A wide spread collar dress shirt adds an air of formality and looks best with a thicker Windsor tie knot. Solid white shirts are the newest trend in dress shirts; however wide spread collars also lend them selves to check shirts, stripe shirts and shirts with white collars and white cuffs.

Wide spread dress shirts have a classy high-end look especially when the shirt is custom-made and well fitted around the neck.


Solid white wide spread collar dress shirts.


Getting a Promotion – Dressing the Part

Two Executives In Custom Dress Shirts Having A Business Lunch

It is important that you dress to impress

When you are ready to go to the next level and get the promotion that you have always wanted, you need to be sure that you are dressing like an executive. As a member of an executive team, you need to be able to blend in with your co-workers. You do not want to appear to be shabbily dressed when they are dressed in custom shirts. It is important that you dress to impress.

Executive custom shirts can give you the style that you need to help you get that promotion. When others view you as a person who can be in a position of authority, they are more likely to consider you for the job.

Remember, most executives want to hire a person who they can picture as a valuable co-worker. They want someone who does not need to be coached. They want a potential executive who already looks as though he or she is an executive.

Custom dress shirts can help you get the promotion

Custom dress shirts can help you fit in with others at the office. You will also have the confidence of knowing that you are dressed appropriately – an important factor for a corporate job. Your co-workers and executives will feel that you have good judgment and great taste, necessary qualifications for their next hire.

Match your custom dress shirts with your suits

As soon as you feel that you are ready to go for a promotion, you should consider visiting a professional stylist and having custom shirts designed to match your suits.

Clothing speaks volume about you

The elegant designs of the shirts will indicate that you are preparing for something more. You are also showing that you are in the position to handle additional challenges and that you can meet expectations.

How many shirts do you need to have in your wardrobe?

Be sure that you have enough shirts to wear every day at work, because consistency is important. Although some people feel that attire is secondary to performance, attire can be viewed as a component of performance at work, especially if your position will require that you work with clients or work with the public.

Why to have a well polished look?

Custom shirts help to set the tone for executives who know that they deserve a promotion, and with a well-polished look, you may be well on your way to landing that promotion.

How Creative Can You Be With a Dress Shirt?

Fashion Shirts
Fashion Shirt-1

How Creative Can You Be With a Dress Shirt?

No limits on dress shirt creativity.

Question: How creative can I go with my dress shirt?

Fashion Shirts
Fashion Shirt-2

Answer: As creative as you want! Over the past 3-4 years there has been a trend towards men wearing color and stylizing their dress shirts.

This new found creative freedom has hit the mainstream and once the Gene is out of the bottle it’s impossible to put back. So, don’t be afraid and go for it!

What to Ask For Father’s Day – Custom Dress Shirts Show the world you dress for success


A well fitted white custom dress shirt is a great Father’s Day Gift

Are you a father who is tired of receiving neck ties for father’s day that will likely never be taken out of your tie drawer?

Dressing For Success

This year take the time to talk to your children about getting you custom dress shirts to help you look your best by dressing for success on a daily basis. Your children will learn to put a little more thought into the gifts they buy you for father’s day. You’ll also teach your children a valuable life lesson that could help them become more successful in their life and career that they can pass onto their own children in the years ahead.

Teach Your Kids A Valuable Lesson

Take the first step to a better looking you today by sitting your children down to talk about them giving you executive custom dress shirts for your next father’s day. Once you receive your new dress shirts, you’ll be able to dress for success, and you can use this moment to teach your kids that looking good on and off the job can lead to more job opportunities and possibly a better salary once they begin their careers.

The New Look

Your new look will be the talk around the office and neighborhood and you could find your children putting a lot more thought into the gifts they purchase for people in the future.

Best Father’s Day Gift

Make the choice to talk to your children about giving you custom dress shirts for your next father’s day and we bet you’ll reap the benefits. Before you know it, you’ll be dressing for success on a daily basis, and your kids will be impressed by your new appearance.

Benefits Of Wearing Custom Dress Shirts

A few years down the road, you’ll look at the never worn neck ties in your drawer, and remember this decision and moment as a time to remember. By this time your children will be adults who have learned the value of being attired in executive custom dress all times and you can teach your grandchildren the valuable life lesson you taught your kids so many years ago.

The Weekend Trip – The Power of Comfortable Work Attire

A pocket square adds a nice touch to the business casual outfit
A pocket square adds a nice touch to the business casual outfit

Custom dress shirts are both comfortable and great looking attire

Looking for a way to make the weekend business trip your boss has planned more successful and comfortable?

The Art Of Closing The Deal

Making the choice to invest in a few new executive custom dress shirts to wear during the business trip could be the difference between sealing the business deal and heading home empty-handed.

Impress Your Boss

By dressing for success during your weekend business trip you’ll be telling the boss you’re serious about making this trip a success. You’ll also be setting an example for other employees to follow during future weekend road trips that could set a trend the boss will love.

How To Make Your Weekend Business Trip Successful?

Do an undercover survey to find out what employees on weekend business trips for your firm have worn during past road trips. You’ll likely find that the most successful employees during past weekend business trips decided to dress for success attired in executive custom dress shirts during business meetings. This choice has helped to make well dressed employees taking part in these past weekend road trips a success and this decision can help make your future weekend business trips just or even more successful.

Benefits Of Dressing For Success

Make the decision to begin dressing for success in custom dress shirts for every weekend business trip the boss sends you on in the future. We’re sure this choice will both enhance the way the boss feels about your professional ability to get the job done on time and budget.

Invest In Your Future

We’re also confident you’ll one day agree that this choice was one reason your professional career started to take-off, and the boss started to think about promoting you up the corporate ladder. Just by making the decision to invest in your future by purchasing great looking dress shirts to wear during weekend business trips.

How To Get Promoted

Dress for success in this way for both future weekend road trips and around the office and one day you’ll look back on this moment and decision as the one that turned their business career around. The other employees will start looking to you for advice and guidance and you could find you are the boss in a few years time.

Discover Five Rules To Improve Your Custom Dress Shirt

1- Is Your Collar Too Tight or Loose?


Your collar is correct size if one finger fits comfortably in your collar. The collar  is too loose if you can easily fit two fingers in your collar.

2- How to choose the right size?

Too Long Sleeves

Don’t purchase dress shirts based on small,medium or large sizes.
For dress shirts,  it’s all about neck size and sleeve length.  Remember, collar cannot be altered and sleeve cannot be made longer. Most  people have one arm slightly longer than the other. Get both arms measured for a perfect size when ordering a custom dress shirt.

3- How to get a proper fit?

Courtesy of dressedtoat.wordpress
Courtesy of dressedtoat.wordpress

Rule of thumb:

  • Don’t wear tight shirts.
  • Don’t wear snug shirts.
  • Don’t wear oversized shirts.
  • Buy the slimmest shirt you can wear comfortably.

4- What is the best collar style?
Traditional Standard Collar

There are dozens of collar styles such as widespread, tab, eyelet and semi spread etc. However choose  the standard traditional collar which will never look out of place.

5- How the shirts should fit you in the shoulder?

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

The shoulder seem should exactly meet with your own shoulder. If the sleeve seem is right on top of your shoulder, you need a larger size or vice versa. The cuff of a dress shirt should touch the starting point of your waist. However you should show half in cuff when you wear a jacket.

Invest In Your Children’s Future -Teach Your Children To Dress For Success

By Janine Giorgenti

A Proud Father Shows His Son How To Dress For Success
A Proud Father Shows His Son How To Dress For Success


Imparting Life Lessons on Your Child- Why A Nice Shirt Matters
Teach children to dress for success in life

What Is The Hardest Job In The World?

Raising children is the hardest job a human being can undertake, according to many parents, and imparting the important life lessons children will need in the years ahead to allow them to prosper could be even tougher.

How To Teach Your Children To Succeed in Life?

Parents teaching their children to dress for success in great looking custom dress shirts are passing on an important lesson that could be an essential element in the future success of their children. By teaching kids the benefits of learning to dress professionally on the job and when out on the town, parents can possibly improve future career and private prospects for their children. They can also create a trend that will be passed onto future generations that could help improve both the business and private lives of their grandchildren.

How You Can Make An Impact on Your Future Generation?

You might be one of the parents asking at this time how dressing for success in executive custom dress shirts can help improve future prospects for your grandchildren? Making the decision to pass on this life lesson to your children could possibly enhance future opportunities for grandchildren by giving them personal traits and characteristics respected in life and business. This in turn could possibly provide better and more professional opportunities for their grandchildren to prosper in the years ahead, and allow each successive generation to become more successful in life and business. By making this decision parents have the opportunity to set the stage for success for their children and grandchildren in the future.

Why Dressing For Success Is Vital For Your Children?

Make the decision to pass on the life lesson about dressing for success in custom dress shirts to your children today. You could look back on this choice as the one that started future generations of children in your family down the road to being a leader in society and business. One day your grandchildren could be setting an example for other children to emulate and making some of the big choices in life, business and society. Future humans could even be looking to your grandchildren attired in executive custom dress shirts for advice and guidance due to this choice in the decades ahead.

Bring Your Child to Work Day – Executive custom dress shirts make a fashion statement

By Janine Giorgenti

Every Year 37 Million Employees Take Their Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Are you a parent planning on taking your child, or children, along during a future work day? 

Deciding to set a fashion statement that tells your children they need to dress for success in the years ahead by wearing custom dress shirts for business meetings, could be an important decision in the life of both you and your children. 

A Valuable Lesson For Your Children

By making this choice concerned parents can teach their children a valuable life and business lesson that can enhance future prospects for their children and be passed to their grandchildren in the years ahead.

Why Take Your Child To Work?

Taking your child, or children, along during a normal work day can be one of the most rewarding and educational experiences for children. 

Custom Dress Shirts Help You Dress For Success 

By dressing for success in executive custom dress shirts parents can teach children they need to dress professionally for work.

They can also teach children that looking professional on and off the job is a necessary element to being successful in life and business. By making this decision parents can also enhance the professional and private life of their children in the years ahead and put them on the fast track to success.

Importance of Dressing For Success

Ask other parents and workers around the office about the way they dressed when taking their children to work for a day. We think you’ll find many parents deciding to dress for success during their work day believe this decision helped their children understand that making the decision to wear custom dress shirts at work changes the way they’re viewed on the job.  

Teach Your Children How to Dress For Success

We also think that parents will find that teaching their children to dress professionally can result in a better career and life for their children in the years ahead.

By teaching your children dressing for success is a necessary element in the success of their future private and business dealings, you are also giving your kids a possible advantage over future competitors for jobs. In the years ahead, your children will likely thank you for teaching them this important lesson, and future generations in your family will benefit in both small and large ways.

Dress Code: Professional Business Attire

By Janine Giorgenti

Professional Business Attire for Men Must Include a Fine Custom Made Dress Shirt

Custom dress shirts set a great example for other employees to emulate


Have you noticed the executive custom dress shirts being worn around the office by some of the most respected and highest paid employees of the company you work for? 


Professional Business Attire


One of the major reasons these individuals are respected around the office and your industry is their professional appearance both on and off the job site. 


Dress Code


By dressing  for success these employees have managed to enhance the way customers, managers, and other employees view their ability to get the job done on time and budget. 


Dressing professionally in a great looking custom dress shirt has worked for these employees and it can help you change the way you’re viewed around the office and your industry.


Strategy To Professional Business Attire Pays Off 


Ask one of these employees about the great looking dress shirts they wear on a daily basis around the office and the possible benefits of this strategy. 


You’ll likely find they think employees should dress for success in custom dress shirts. You’ll probably also discover these professionally attired employees believe this decision has been a major reason for their business and private success in life. 


How To Get Promoted


By adopting this policy in the future you can possibly enhance your future work prospects and put yourself on the fast track to promotions and an increase in salary.


Invest In Your Career


Invest in your career by making the decision to purchase executive custom dress shirts to wear around the office, and even out on the town. 


We think you’ll find that by giving your professional and private appearance a makeover you’ll be able to enhance the way people feel about your professional ability to get the job done on time and budget. 


Importance Of Dressing For Success


Continue dressing for success each and every work day in the years ahead and you’ll continue to reap the benefits. In a few years time you could be looking back at this day and decision as the moment both your professional and private life started down the road to the life you always dreamed about living.


Dress for success before heading to work this morning. You’ll probably find your new professional appearance is the talk around the office during the next few days. Before you know it, the boss will be talking to you more about business ideas, and thinking you would make an excellent candidate for promotion .