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4 Reasons to Add Minimalism to your Menswear

If you are a minimalist when it comes to your office or home decor, perhaps your personal style is minimalistic already. However, if this isn’t the case for you, maybe it is time to dial your wardrobe DOWN a notch. Why go for menswear minimalism?

1. It is easy. It is very difficult to mess up minimalism. Stick to monochrome colors and you are set. Not much to think about at all. Black, grays and whites OR shades of tan and white.


2. It isn’t trendy but it keeps your look modern, everytime.


3. It can be worn on any occasion and grabs attention. We are drawn to effortless style and this one is always a winner.


4. Minimalism shows class and elegance. Try to remember the last time you saw someone wearing monochrome who didn’t look classy.


Dress well! Be well!

-Meghan Henley

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Should You Starch Your Dress Shirts?

Many customers ask us which of our shirting fabrics “hold starch the most”. I tend to answer this question with a question. “Why exactly do you want or need to starch your dress shirt?” The most important thing to remember is that the regular use of starch drastically reduces the lifespan of your shirts.  So, is it worth it?


If you feel you must starch the body and sleeves of the shirt for wrinkling, chances are the fabric quality and thread count is quite low. If you feel that the cuff and collar are in need of being pressed, perhaps the interfacing (also known as fusing) is the culprit. A higher quality fusing can quickly resolve this. Read here about our high quality German interfacing.

Design 2

My advice to these customers is to buy a high thread count quality dress shirt and insist in having a reinforced collar and cuff. We have some great options in our Deluxe and Luxury fabric lines. The higher the thread count, the less wrinkling.  If you do, however choose to continue with starching your shirts, try a light starch or do it less often.

Dress well! Be well!

-Meghan Henley

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2016 Oscars Tuxedo Shirts to Copy

When you order a custom tuxedo shirt, the options are practically endless. Here are 3 great styles to steal from the 2016 Oscars.

1. Ryan Gosling


Duplicate his look: White shirt, White Lay Down Collar, White buttons, White Bowtie. Solid Style

2. Chris Rock


Steal his style: Simple. White Lay Down Collar and a Fly Front.

3. Jared Leto


Daring style: Check. Easy to copy? Check.

Deal it out in a Solid Black Shirt with a Fly Front and Lay Down collar.

Start styling your own custom tuxedo shirt now. Click Here.



How to Dress with More Style in Less Time

Feel like you are in a rush every morning to get out the door? Compromising your style just to be on time? With these 5 tips you can have more style in less time.

66 perspective

1. Get your closet organized. Place color coordinated items together. Rather than putting all your pants in one section and shirts in another, try pairing up shirts and pants (or suits) so you can grab a ready made outfit. Even pair up your tie with your shirt.

Tip: Make sure to move your summer weight clothing to the back of the closet during the cooler months and donate anything you haven’t worn in a year.

2. Planning your outfits not just the night prior but days in advance will keep things running smoothly on a work morning. In a perfect world, on Sunday you would have all laundry clean and pressed and  have five outfits lined in your closet for easy access. At least try to prep three days in advance.

Tip: Send your cotton clothing out to be laundered and pressed while your suits are being dry cleaned at least once a month.  Cotton shirts and pants will not be dry-cleaned but it is nice to have someone else take that off your plate occasionally.

3. Try a valet beside your bed. The outfit can be moved from the closet to the valet the night before without any trouble. Make sure even the keys and your wallet are there ready for you to grab.

4. Prep your accessories. Go ahead and put the pocket square in the suit pocket and the lapel pin on the coat. Add the matching scarf to the topcoat on the hanger.

5. Have a morning routine for the things you do each day. For the first few weeks, make a physical list to check off. (I do this with my children when school starts each year.) After several weeks, these tasks will become habit and your mornings will be a breeze. You will begin to shift naturally from making the bed to shaving.

Tip: Even pencil in your morning coffee and take time to enjoy it.

Even better? Have a weekly routine as well.  Have you noticed on Wednesday you are usually more tired than on Mondays because of that project manager meeting every Tuesday? Then make arrangements for the sluggishness. Load the coffee pot the night before and set your alarm 10 minutes earlier for Wednesday mornings. (Don’t let yourself press snooze if you happen to remember you are 10 minutes ahead.)

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Men’s Laundry Tip Roundup

How often should you actually wash your clothes? Probably not as often as you think. Just because you wore it doesn’t mean you have to toss it in the hamper at the end of the day. Did you sweat in it? Does it smell clean? Just a few things to help you determine if washing it is necessary. Laundering, drying, ironing too often can wear down the fibers in your clothing.

5 things to consider:

1. Jeans, chinos, and sweaters don’t need to be laundered as often as tee shirts. Washing them less will help your favorite pieces last longer.

2. Stop sending your dress shirts to the cleaners so often. For one thing, it is expensive. Wash them at home as often as possible to lengthen the life of the shirt. By the way, they do not dry clean your shirts. They wash them in a machine just like you do.

3. Let them air out. Hanging your clothes to dry doesn’t wear the fibers out nearly as quickly as a dryer does.

4. Stop ironing and start steaming. You can invest in a steamer or you could try the age old shower trick.  Let the shirts tumble for 10 minutes in the dryer, then hang dry, then steam in the shower while you get ready in the morning.

5. Don’t hang your sweaters. Fold them and put them in a drawer. This easy trick helps the sweaters keep their shape and will keep the fibers in tact.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley


Valentine’s Grooming Tips

You have plenty of prep-time left before February 14th to make it the best Valentine’s date she has ever experienced. Here are some great tips to get you in gear.

1. Clear the stubble.


If you have a full beard, make sure it is well-groomed. Unless it is a mature amount of stubble, go with a clean shave. No 5 o’clocks for this occasion, Gents.

2. Moisturize those lips.


If you are expecting a kiss at the end of the evening, make sure she isn’t kissing cracked or chapped lips. Start moisturizing your lips today and they will be in  great shape by Valentine’s. It doesn’t take more than the investment of petroleum jelly which is found in every drug store.

3. Get your fragrance on.


Some of the hottest scents right now are from Le Labo. These earthy and addictive scents are unisex. I haven’t met a person yet who didn’t want a second or third sniff.

4. Update your undies.


Pick up some new underwear. Again, not a major investment but may pay off more than you know.

5. Moisturize your face.


If you want her hands in your hair, you will need to make sure your face smooth and inviting as well. There are tons of great moisturizers out there for men but you could start with what’s likely in your kitchen. Coconut oil or almond oil works well. Be sure to try out your moisturizer now to ensure you won’t have any sort of reaction on the big day.

More tips for Valentine’s? Click here and here for style guides.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley


Get the Look: Valentine’s Part 2: Pop of Color

Looking for more style inspiration for the upcoming Valentine’s date or just toying with the idea of adding some fun color to your menswear? Here is a clean look with loads of color and class.


The key to this look is the pop of color on both the tie and pocket square.  It is enhanced by the pale pink chambray dress shirt with the contrasting white collar. We can create that custom shirt for you.

Lately it seems the bigger and bolder the pocket square, the better. Making it almost burst out of the pocket really brings some attention. Why not try a round pocket square like the one below?


Choose a pink and blue or pink and silver printed tie to match and pair it with any light gray suit and you are set for your Valentine’s date. Any brightly colored tie and pocket square will work in the office.

So, what do you think? Have you taken the round pocket square plunge already?

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Get the Look: Valentine’s Style Part 1

The Look: This classic navy suit is accented perfectly by the soft pink shirt and matching navy polka dotted tie. The white collar, white pocket square, and silver tie bar keep the look elegant and classy.

Sharp navy suit and pink shirt with white collar and cuff

Recreating this sharp look is easy!

Navy 2 Button Suit: $300

Silk Navy Polka Dot Tie by Ralph Lauren  $125

100% Egyptian Cotton Pink Shirt with contrasting collar and cuff $129

Silver Tie Bar Jos. A Banks $39.50

White Pocket Square  $12.95

Or create your own custom dress shirt in any color by starting here.


Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Winter Layering Tips to Stay Warm and Stylish

You can stay warm this winter in style. Here are some things to keep in mind as you pile the layers on.

1. Layer different textures and patterns. Try mixing up some of those things in your closet you wouldn’t normally put together.


2. Try a monochrome theme. Grays are easy to mix and match and don’t be afraid of adding some camel colored leather accessories like shoes and a belt.


3. Or do just the opposite. Add layers of vibrant jewel toned colors.


4. Pair rugged pieces with dapper items. Yes you can wear that down vest with your favorite tie!


Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Men’s Holiday Style

Looking for subtle ways to add a little holiday style to your wardrobe? Here are some quick additions you can make to send your regular wardrobe into the holiday season with style.

1. A red scarf and holiday themed lapel pin will surely get the point across. There are also some great gold lapel pins out there to add a subtle amount of holiday cheer.


2. A ruby toned tie added to your everyday suit shows class and a red tie also gives off a sense of power.


3. Army green elements (one of the hottest colors this year in menswear)paired with a red plaid scarf will show off some casual holiday spirit.


4. A plaid newsboy is a fun way to add some spunk to your holiday gear.


How do you show off your holiday spirit in a dapper way?

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley