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Fly Front Custom Tuxedo Shirt

There are so many options when creating your own custom tuxedo shirt. The go-to style of course is the traditional tuxedo shirt featuring the wing-tip collar and 1/4 or 1/2 inch pleating front shown below. This front style requires studs and stud holes like below.








Not a fan of keeping up with all those studs? One of the newest trends in the more formal weddings are groomsmen choosing the Fly Front style instead. This front style allows the buttons to be hidden (as a “fly” on your pants) so there is no need to use studs. If the front is lifted, there are normal buttons and button holes beneath.  This front style can be used with any collar or cuff style you like when you order with us. Here are some great ideas for a little custom tuxedo shirt inspiration.

White shirt and white coat with contrasting lapel.









Wine colored tux with white Fly Front tuxedo shirt.









Monochrome Black with a sleek Fly Front tux shirt









Start creating yours here!


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Army Green How-To

Army green doesn’t have to be so casual. I’ve seen the ladies all over this city sporting this in the evening and am starting to see it pop up on men as well.

Let’s start with my favorite, an Army Green Blazer.

This blazer is so versatile. Pair it with trousers or jeans.









A casual shoe that will match literally every color in your closet is Army Green and please the eye…and foot.








A nice topcoat will take you from Fall to Winter.


A real conversation piece: Eggplant trim on the army green topcoat.









Afraid to be that brave? Why not slide an Army Green watch on the wrist?

This affordable watch will keep the color trend subtle.









Why not be ahead of the game and grab a custom made shirt in the hip shade? We have a similar shade currently listed as “Sage” still in stock although the rest have already sold out!


Luxury Fabric Sage L6143-C






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-Meghan Henley


Monochromatic Neutrals

Some of us hang on to summer and reluctantly give in to Fall Fashion while others jump in with both feet. I myself am looking forward to layering on the scarves and hats!

This year, the men’s fashion trend is head to toe neutrals. Chances are that you have lots of neutrals already in your closet which really makes this trend an easy one to follow. If not, we have tons of new shirting fabrics in from Italy in Ivory, Ecru, and Tan which makes it easy to order a new custom dress shirt and have it by the time you pull out the Camel blazer.

Here are some ideas for Fall menswear inspiration.

neutral1 neutral2 neutral3





























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Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley


Is Horizontal the New Stripe?

It seems we are seeing more and more horizontal stripes not only on the Runways but on the street. I couldn’t help but think about adding a horizontal striped tie to my husband’s wardrobe for the Fall.

Tip: Stick to subtle color palettes like these navy and white options to avoid being too bold.

Here are a few dapper ways to wear them.

1. Try a bespoke or custom dress shirt and style the striped details your way.

Change the direction of the stripe on your collar and placket for fun.









Tip: Avoid a repetitive horizontal striped shirt unless you are very lean. It can create the illusion of widening the mid-section of your body.

2. A horizontal striped tie, however is a great alternative.  There are currently tons on the market in silk and even textured fabrics.

A small striped tie can add flavor to a subtle pinstriped shirt.









3. A Statement Piece-Dare to have fun! A Nautical style jacket may not be for everyone but get creative in how you wear your horizontal stripes.

Keep the rest of your wardrobe simple if wearing a statement piece like this.









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Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley


Celebrity Style: Idris Elba

There is a lot of social media chatter on the smoothest dude around. Idris Elba is always in a suit. Here are a few ways to be as smooth in a suit as this guy.

Iris Elba5
Try a three piece suit and play with mixing different size and angle of stripes. Stick to black, gray, and white to be safe.


Try a well fitted double breasted suit. Don’t let the coat length fall too low and choose a slim fitting pant leg.
idris elba 2
Try a solid black skinny textured tie.



Idris Elba 3
Boost a navy suit with brightly colored ties and shirts. Stay within the same hues and choose two shades closely matched.










Small Prints

Small printed shirts are back! Sharing some style inspiration shots and our fabrics swatches designs that follow suit. We have tons of new fabrics for your custom dress shirt

Let’s start with Polka Dots. Classic.

This gray spacious polka dot is nice and subtle.









Our Polka Dots are a little more repetitive but it makes a beautiful finished product as well.

Deluxe fabric 214-64K is also a nice subtle dotted pattern.







We also like the Mod Circular pattern here.

Pair a circular pattern with a spread collar and printed coat.









Our version of this Mod Print brings in hints of Fall’s favorite Wine color.







These fun prints keep things casual. They would be great for a date night out.

Casual looks in classic colors.









Soft floral patterns are a great way thing to add to your wardrobe
Tell them what you really hear “BLA BLA BLA”












Let me hear from you! Do you like the new selections? What fabrics would you like to see in our new fabric lines?

-Meghan Henley

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Interesting Tie Bars

A nice sized tie bar really makes the outfit in my opinion. Just make sure it covers the tie width by a tad more than half.

Here are a few fun and whimsical ways to stand out with your tie bar.

Anchor Up

Copper Tone








Cock it Sideways

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-Meghan Henley @bestcustomshirt

How To Wear Sneakers with a Suit

If you want to give this look a shot, there are really only 2 rules in my opinion.

1. Only in a casual setting. Don’t wear sneakers to a wedding, please and obviously no sneakers to your next interview.

2. Avoid the bulky sneaker. Keep your sneakers streamline and slim.

Style Tips:

The Almost Matchy-Matchy Try matching your shoes to your tie and playing the contrast of the suit.

The Wow Factor: Try an eye-popping color to grab attention but keep it in the same color family or use a complimentary color.

Ecru is for Everyone: An Ecru sneaker will match just about any suit you have. Another option is pairing the sneaker color with a custom shirt in Ecru.

Leather Rules: I personally am a fan of the suit paired with a leather sneaker like this one from Gucci.

Send me pictures of yourself sporting this look on Instagram: @bestcustomshirt

-Meghan Henley