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Trim Your Shirt Fat

Baggy shirt
The excess fabric at his waistline creates a sloppy look.

A dress shirt with too much fabric at the waistline looks sloppy and unprofessional especially when the shirt has no jacket to hide beneath.

There are two quick fixes to trim the fat of your shirt. You may have it professionally altered or buy a new custom dress shirt.

Having a shirt altered is an expensive endeavor and there is no guarantee that the shirt will even be a great fit at the end of the process.

Buying a new custom made shirt with your specific body measurements is the better option.  Once you get the right fit, you can quickly and easily re-order.

Technology has made it quite easy to buy a custom dress shirt. Be sure to find an online shirt maker with a good and long standing reputation for quality craftsmanship and tailoring. Once you have a great fitting shirt without  excess bulk around the waist, you will look and feel more confident.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Fashion shirts

Fashion Shirts For Men

Fashion shirts are considered to be the most trendiest shirts one can wear.

White Fashion Shirt
White Fashion Shirt

Men Used To Wear Boring Shirts

Not long ago most men wouldn’t even wear a pink dress shirt . So wearing men’s fashion shirt was totally out of question.

Latest Men’s Fashion

A new phenomenon happened in men’s clothing about 15 years ago revolution brought business casual into main stream of fashion  and men started experiencing new exciting colors .

Latest Fashion Trends

Right after the business casual  revolution men started experiencing new exciting colors & styling details which gave birth birth to latest men’s fashion trends in shirts .

The Most Common Fashion Shirt

Although designing fashion shirts is up to anyone’s imaginations , the most common fashion shirt is designed with contrasting collar and cuffs using colored trimming in the inside part of collar and cuff.

Purple Fashion Shirt
Purple Fashion Shirt

What Determines The Look of Fashion Designer Shirt

 The color and pattern of the trimming fabric used for collars and cuffs  determines the look of the fashion shirt.
For example bright and loud color used in trimming fabric gives the shirt a very casual and weekend look. On the other hand darker colors used in trimming gives the shirt more sophisticated business casual look

Light Blue Designer Shirt
Light Blue Designer Shirt

Design Your Own Fashion Shirt

Designing men’s fashion shirts for the look you want has never been this easy. Just go on any online custom shirt tailoring website website to create men’s fashion designer shirt of your choice .


Sky Blue Designer Shirt
Sky Blue Designer Shirt

Rest assured , you will look pretty dashing wearing fashion shirts with jeans, chinos or dress slacks .

Blue & White Stripe Designer Shirt
Blue & White Stripe Designer Shirt
Light Blue Designer Custom Shirt
Light Blue Designer Custom Shirt


Letting People Go – Dressing As An Authority

Dress Conservative When Firing An Employee

Dressing As an Authority
When you are in the position of having to fire an employee, you want to make sure that you dress as a person who is in authority.

What shirt gives you the most authority

You have the most options for shirts that you like  but a custom shirt will give you the most authority.

Wearing  a conservative shirt is best when you must let a member of your staff go. Choose an understated shirt and a light fabric.

Benefits of  Dress Custom Shirt

As a person in a position of authority it is important that your clothing resonates your position. When you buy of a custom  dress shirt, cotton shirts are best because the natural fabric breaths, which is important when you feel stressed.

When you wear a cotton shirt, you will feel comfortable keeping your jacket on, which makes you appear to be more professional during these solemn activities.

How to achieve conservative appearance ?

Choose flattering white buttons for a white shirt, and dark buttons work well with darker shirts. Typically, an executive will wear a light-colored shirt with a dark suit. Although there are several combinations from which to choose, be conservative as possible when you have the task of having to eliminate a position at your company. Remember that this job is a somber one, and employees are more likely to remain calm if your appearance is conservative and somber.

Non Verbal Communication

Your facial expressions as well should be calm and a bit soothing when you are letting employees go. They should feel that you detest the act and you are simply carrying out a necessary duty. Unfortunately ending a person’s position can have a devastating impact on the employee’s financial situation, so you should handling the act with tact and respect.

Dress the Part

Your dress should also set you apart as a person in authority, and a person who is capable of making these decisions. You must appear confident in your decision, and your employees must feel a sense of finality in the act. He or she should understand that the decision has been made and that there is nothing left to do except prepare for the transition out of the company.

Interviewing For New Job What You-Wear Matters

How to impress job interviewers

Custom dress shirts can give men a polished, sophisticated look, which is important when they seek to impress interviewers during a job interview. 

First Impression Counts

First impressions count significantly when meeting during a job interview, and that means that a person’s appearance is important. An outward appearance is the first thing that someone sees when they meet a job candidate. Job qualifications, the ability to work as a team member and a willingness to work hard on the job are of top importance. When an interviewer must choose between candidates with similar qualifications and work ethics, they may judge you based on your style.

Feeling Confident on A Job Interview

Wearing custom dress shirts may help give you an edge during an interview. You are also likely to feel more confident when you know that you look well put together. You will feel good knowing that you are wearing a shirt that was designed especially for you, using the material of your choice.

Custom Shirt Options For Job Interview

When you decide to wear a custom dress shirt for your job interview, you can decide on a color that will look best with your best suit. The shirt will also be more comfortable than the shirts you select off of the rack.

How to Look Professional on A Job Interview

Tailored shirts give you a crisp look that is undeniable stylish and professional. You also do not have to worry about your collar looking awry when you select a custom tailored shirt.

Benefits of Wearing Custom Dress  Shirts

Business professionals in any field can benefit from wearing custom tailored shirts that are designed and constructed by tailors. When selecting a shirt for a business meeting, choose dress shirts with long sleeves, and select a coordinating tie that will enhance your look. These shirts are also more comfortable when they are made with good quality cotton.
Details, such as the length of the sleeves and the color of your buttons can be chosen when you select your own custom made shirts. When you arrive to your interview looking and feeling great, you are more likely to have an impressive interview, and you may even end up landing the job.

Look your very best by choosing custom made shirts.


Do you know how to stand out in the crowd ?

Learn How To Stand Out In The Crowd

Fashion Shirt

You can gracefully and tastefully stand out in the crowd by wearing sophisticated fashion shirts .

Most of the designer shirts below can be worn with nice dress slacks, a belt and appropriate shoes to give you a complete outfit .

Designer Shirts

When to wear fashion shirts?

Wear these fashion shirts to dinner , golf outings , weakened social gatherings and weekend business trips . You will get a ton of compliments. Guaranteed!

What to Wear on Your Child’s Graduation Ceremony?

Are you a concerned parent who will be attending the graduation ceremony of your child in the months ahead? 


Parents attending graduation ceremony at Florida State University

Make The Right Choice


Making the choice to tell the world and your child that you’re proud of their educational accomplishments by dressing for success in executive custom dress shirts is a choice being made by more and more concerned parents. 


Benefits Of Dressing For Success


Proud parents dressed for success at their son’s graduation ceremony


This decision tells your child that the clothes they decide to wear in both life and business can often be the difference between an average career and the life they dream of living. It also enhances the way other parents and teachers view the parents of the children they teach and could help make the future school career of your younger children easier in the years ahead.


Make A Good Impression On Teachers & Other Parents

Do you remember what your parents were wearing when they attended your graduation? Parents deciding to attend their child’s graduation attired in great looking executive custom dress shirts will often be viewed differently than parents in normal street clothes. Deciding to dress for success in a great looking dress shirt could be the difference that makes your child’s graduation one to remember in the years ahead. 


Creat Memorable Moments For Life

By making this choice parents both enhance the way teachers and students view them and make any graduation pictures something to be proud to show the world.


Personal Appearance Matters


Do a little test by investing in a few custom dress shirts to wear to the graduation ceremony of your children. We think you’ll find the way both teachers and students view your personal appearance will improve and your kids could benefit from this appraisal in the years ahead. 


Set The Stage For Your Children’s Future Success 


By dressing for success in this way for the next graduation ceremony you attend you could be setting the stage for your children to  emulate your choice with their own children.


Help Your Children Succeed In Life


Dress for success for every graduation ceremony you attend in the years ahead and we think you’ll find the benefits could enhance the future years for your children in many ways. A few years down the road you could look back on this decision as one that really helped your children succeed in life and put them on the road to personal and professional success.

Looking Your Best at Your Child’s Recital

By Janine Giorgenti

Custom dress shirts add a touch of class to any occasion

Patents attending their child’s recital

Are you planning on attending your child’s recital in street clothes, rather than making the choice to  dress for success in great looking dress shirts?

Invest in your child’s future

Making the decision to invest in your child’s future as a performer by purchasing some executive custom dress shirts to wear during these occasions could help set the stage for your child’s future stage success.

You could upstage the other parents attending the recital and give your child confidence in both you and their ability to perform to their best in drama and life.

How to add a touch of class?

By making this choice you also add a touch of class to the recital other parents will notice and begin emulating, and they could start asking you for advice and to attend more private functions.

What best dressed people wear?

The next time you attend one of your child’s recitals, take a look at what the best dressed parents that show up for the affair are wearing. The custom dress shirts worn by some of the best dressed people on hand for the recital tells the world they’re dressing for success.

Benefits of dressing up for the occasion

By making the decision to show up dressed to the hilt in great looking clothes, these parents are telling the world they care about the future of their child. They’re also telling their children that this occasion is an important event in their lives and that it’s always important to look your best at all times.

How to make an impact on your future generation?

Before attending your child’s next recital, make the decision to purchase new executive custom dress shirts to let the world know you’re dressing for success. By making this choice you’ll be passing on a life lesson to your children they can pass onto their children when the time comes. In this way you can also take a hand in the raising of future generations in the years ahead and possibly set the stage for the future success of both your children and grandchildren.

Dress for success to get respect

Dress for success in this way for your child’s next recital and we think you’ll notice the difference in the way both your children and the other people on hand think about your personal appearance. This choice could lead to more personal appearances for both you and your child and people could be coming to you for fashion advice.

What To Wear On Parent Teacher Conference?

By Janine Giorgenti

A well dressed father attending parent teacher conference

Parent Teacher Meeting

Are you a parent planning on meeting the teacher or teachers that are tasked with providing your children with the educational basics we all need to prosper in society in the future?

Benefits of dressing up for parent teacher meeting

Dressing for success by wearing quality executive custom dress shirts during these meetings is a sign of respect and maturity that will give the impression of a parent who cares.

This decision will also set a good example for your children to emulate in business and life in the years ahead, and will help them develop strong character traits that will serve them well during life.

What subliminal messages your attire conveys?

What a parent wears when meeting teachers to talk about the education and future endeavours of their children tells the teacher a lot about the character traits of parents. Being attired in custom dress shirts also tells your children they need to dress for success in the years ahead, if they want to do better in life and work.

How to gain respect of other parents and teachers ?

By dressing professionally, parents teach their children an important business and life lesson that could help them be more successful and happier in the years to follow. They also gain the respect of other parents and teachers that could help their children be more successful in and out of the classroom.

Reasons why well dressed parents are more helpful to their children at parent teacher meeting?

Do a little test by asking a teacher you know if parents wearing executive custom dress shirts to meetings with teachers sets a good example for children to follow. We think you’ll find teachers generally think it’s a good idea that helps children understand dressing for success is a necessary element in their future endeavours. That making the choice to dress professionally during meetings between teachers and parents could be the difference that teaches your children an important life and business lesson.

What to wear on your next parent teacher meeting?

Dress for success the next time you meet with the teachers tasked with educating your children and you could find this decision helps your children achieve more in and out of school. Your children could benefit from your decision down the road and in the years ahead you could look back on this choice as one that helped set the tone for the future of your children.

What to Wear – To Your Kid’s Game

By Janine Giorgenti

Parents in custom dress shirts watching their kids soccer game
Parents in custom dress shirts watching their kids soccer game

Wearing custom dress shirts tells the world you have class

Are you a parent having a hard time deciding what to wear to your child’s next soccer or baseball game?

Dress For Success

Deciding to teach your children they need to dress for success in the future by wearing executive custom dress shirts during social meetings, could be the choice that helps your children be more successful in the years ahead.

Set an Example for Your Children

By making this choice you also set an example for your children to emulate that could help make them better parents to their own children in the future. You can gain the respect of coaches tasked with teaching your children how to play the game and possibly help your children take their love of sports to the next level.

See What Other Parents Are Wearing

The next time you go to watch your child play the game they love, take a look at what other parents coming to the game are wearing, and the various reactions of both coaches and other parents to the way they’re attired.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Parents dressing for success by wearing custom dress shirts will stand out among the crowd of parents standing on the sidelines. The children of these parents will also gain more respect from other players, parents and coaches, and could be asked if they want to take part in more team activities in the future.

Dress Your Best

Making the decision to dress your best in a great looking shirt could be the difference that helps your child rise to greater and greater achievements in both sports and life.

Make Investment in Your Appearance

Tell the world and your children that you care about your physical appearance by making an investment in their future sports endeavours with the purchase of executive custom dress shirts.

Dress For Success

Dress for success in this way for every future organized sports activity your child takes part in and you could find your child is a lot more focused while playing the game. Years down the road, if your child becomes a professional in the sport they love, you can look back on this decision as one that helped make your child a professional sports athlete dressing for success on and off the field of play.