Celebrity Style Inspiration: Bono Wears Black. You Should Too

Not only is Bono known for sporting shades at all times and his storybook marriage to Ali Hewson (By the way, Happy Anniversary guys!) but he also seems to stick to a strict fashion color scheme. Although we don’ t think all of your wardrobe should be dark shades of charcoal and black, we do think it is nice to occasionally dress in black from head to toe.  Bono gives some great style inspiration if you are heading out on the town this weekend.

Bono in dark charcoals and black even down to the lapel pin.









When Lenny Kravitz and Bono are seated together, there is clearly too much cool in the room for anyone to wear anything but black.

These guys are super smooth in their black classic suits.









And although he isn’t wearing all black here, I mean c’mon. It’s Bono.

Feel like a celebrity when  you create your own solid black custom dress shirt to pair with your favorite suit by choosing us. Here are a few of ours made up for you to gather some ideas. Start your own by clicking HERE.

1078-D 1078-14.5-S 14024


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