Different Stripes for Different Types

We are so excited to announce that now our Giorgenti fabrics can be used to design your own custom dress shirt with the newest trend: horizontal striped dress shirts.

Tips for going horizontal:

1-Keep it subtle. Don’t try to mix too many patterns. Stick to the rule of 2. If you have a striped shirt, choose only one other patterned piece.

2-Choose small stripes. Bold stripes can get iffy. I like a nice soft pinstripe or if you want a bolder statement, using a fabric with variations in the size of the stripe like this.

Luxury Olive/White Stripe L207-05K






3-Don’t be afraid of choosing a color stripe. Burgundy and Red stripes are going to be hot this Fall.

Deluxe Maroon/White Stripe M215-118K






Here are the most popular fabrics on our current stock list to turn your wardrobe sideways.

Economy Orange/Blue/White Stripe E215-408K
Luxury Blue/White Stripe L215-143


Deluxe Pink/White Stripe M207-233K













If you are interested in trying out this style, just pick any of our striped shirts with a white base color (background). If now or ever you need style advice, let me know! Follow me on Twitter @BestCustomShirt and Like us on Facebook!

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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