Dad’s Secrets to Workplace Success

By Janine Giorgenti

Dad conveys image of success  by wearing custom dress shirt and suit with a pocket square at his office
Dad conveys image of success by wearing custom dress shirt and suit with a pocket square at his office

Dress for Success on a Daily Basis

Have you ever wondered why your father has been so successful during this career? 

One of the main reasons for his success is likely the executive custom dress shirts he has worn on a daily basis during his long career. 

The Right Decision 

Making the decision to dress for success early in his career, helped your father become a successful businessman, and this choice can also help enhance your professional and private life through the years. 

Take the First Step

By taking the first step down the road to looking great on and off the job, you can change the opinion of people that view you on daily basis, and possibly improve the life of your family in the years ahead.

Custom Dress Shirts Helps You Achieve Professional  Image

Take the time to sit down with your father to talk about the way he dresses on and off the job and how dressing for success helped him become the professional he is today. 

You’ll likely find he thinks wearing custom dress shirts at all times during the work day is an essential element to both business and private success. You’ll also likely find he believes this decision helped form the opinion that he’s a professional with the knowledge and experience to get the job done on time and budget on a daily basis. 

Dress Your Best Everyday

By making the choice to always dress his best during the business day early in his career, your father helped himself become a professional people in his industry look to for advice and guidance when things get tough.

Making the Right Choice

Make the choice today to take your father’s professional advice to heart by dressing for success in executive custom dress shirts on a daily basis during your workday. You’ll probably find that the professional opinion of people concerning your ability to get the job done will increase and your fellow employees and even the boss will start looking to you for additional input on the business. A few years down the road, once you achieve promotion to the top, you’ll look back on this decision to wear custom dress shirts as the moment your career and life started to improve.

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