How to Dress with More Style in Less Time

Feel like you are in a rush every morning to get out the door? Compromising your style just to be on time? With these 5 tips you can have more style in less time.

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1. Get your closet organized. Place color coordinated items together. Rather than putting all your pants in one section and shirts in another, try pairing up shirts and pants (or suits) so you can grab a ready made outfit. Even pair up your tie with your shirt.

Tip: Make sure to move your summer weight clothing to the back of the closet during the cooler months and donate anything you haven’t worn in a year.

2. Planning your outfits not just the night prior but days in advance will keep things running smoothly on a work morning. In a perfect world, on Sunday you would have all laundry clean and pressed and  have five outfits lined in your closet for easy access. At least try to prep three days in advance.

Tip: Send your cotton clothing out to be laundered and pressed while your suits are being dry cleaned at least once a month.  Cotton shirts and pants will not be dry-cleaned but it is nice to have someone else take that off your plate occasionally.

3. Try a valet beside your bed. The outfit can be moved from the closet to the valet the night before without any trouble. Make sure even the keys and your wallet are there ready for you to grab.

4. Prep your accessories. Go ahead and put the pocket square in the suit pocket and the lapel pin on the coat. Add the matching scarf to the topcoat on the hanger.

5. Have a morning routine for the things you do each day. For the first few weeks, make a physical list to check off. (I do this with my children when school starts each year.) After several weeks, these tasks will become habit and your mornings will be a breeze. You will begin to shift naturally from making the bed to shaving.

Tip: Even pencil in your morning coffee and take time to enjoy it.

Even better? Have a weekly routine as well.  Have you noticed on Wednesday you are usually more tired than on Mondays because of that project manager meeting every Tuesday? Then make arrangements for the sluggishness. Load the coffee pot the night before and set your alarm 10 minutes earlier for Wednesday mornings. (Don’t let yourself press snooze if you happen to remember you are 10 minutes ahead.)

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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