Knot your Father’s Method

Your choice of neck tie knot can be a touchy subject if you ask your Pops. I have found that change for the old man may not be his forte’.

If you were fortunate enough to have your Dad around when you got that first gig, he most likely taught you the knot of his choice. But did you know that the collar style of your custom dress shirt itself can actually point you in the right direction?

The Casual Approach

When you are working with the less dressy look of our Button Down Collar or even the Hidden Button Down, your tie knot choice should also be a little more  laid back. You may automatically think of the old standby, Four In Hand.  Here is a nice twist on the usual called the Double Four In Hand.

double four in hand
Doubling a Four In Hand keeps the casual  look  updated





Source: Trashness



The Point of Goodfellas

Whether you are just looking to have a more Narrow Point collar or if you want the Extreme Point like in the average Mobster movie, the knot of choice should be the Christensen.

Christensen Knot is currently trending with a Narrow Point






Source: Fashion Wapper



Dressing like the Prince of Persia

When working with a Medium Spread collar style, We really like the look of this Persian knot. It fills the spread nicely but isn’t too stuffy.

A Persian knot is a great choice for a medium spread collar




Source: The House of Maid



Extreme Measures

When it comes to the Wide Spread or the Extreme Wide Spread (Also known as the Cutaway), we are still big fans of the Windsor Knot. It’s almost tradition now and is great for the office.

Windsor looks sharp with the spread collar of your choice









What are your favorite combinations? As always, I’d love to hear from you!

-Meghan Henley




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