Layering with Unstructured Blazers

If you haven’t tried an unstructured blazer, I highly recommend adding this piece to your wardrobe.

It’s history stems back to when an Italian tailor removed the stiff canvas and shoulder paddings from the jacket and let the shape fall over the body naturally creating a lightweight jacket perfect for layering in comfort.

Unstructured Wool Blazer for Warmth and Style

By removing the business from the coat, you are open to dress it in any direction you want.

Casual Cool Layering, Sans Structure

We love it paired with a check or striped button down dress shirt.

Unstructured and Untucked

The unstructured blazer has a casual cool vibe to it so taking it into the warmer months, a polo or even a soft tee works beautifully beneath.

Jeans work too!

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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