Men’s Casual Vests and Formal Vests

Vests. Waistcoats. Whatever you call them they can be both elegant and useful. Today we will talk about how to wear them in two different situations.


Going casual? The vest can be added warmth throughout the colder months and can be added into most all of your casual wear looks.

Casual Style Tip 1:  Leave the bottom button undone and perhaps even the top.


Casual Style Tip 2 : Mix up textures and patterns of your shirt, vest, and tie if you choose to wear one.


Sprucing up a bit? In a dressier situation the vest can be added to create a more modern or even classic look.

Dressy Style Tip 1: Match colors and even the fabric type of vest to the coat.


Dressy Style Tip 2: Keep the angle or curve of the collar consistent with that of the vest.


Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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