Men’s Laundry Tip Roundup

How often should you actually wash your clothes? Probably not as often as you think. Just because you wore it doesn’t mean you have to toss it in the hamper at the end of the day. Did you sweat in it? Does it smell clean? Just a few things to help you determine if washing it is necessary. Laundering, drying, ironing too often can wear down the fibers in your clothing.

5 things to consider:

1. Jeans, chinos, and sweaters don’t need to be laundered as often as tee shirts. Washing them less will help your favorite pieces last longer.

2. Stop sending your dress shirts to the cleaners so often. For one thing, it is expensive. Wash them at home as often as possible to lengthen the life of the shirt. By the way, they do not dry clean your shirts. They wash them in a machine just like you do.

3. Let them air out. Hanging your clothes to dry doesn’t wear the fibers out nearly as quickly as a dryer does.

4. Stop ironing and start steaming. You can invest in a steamer or you could try the age old shower trick.  Let the shirts tumble for 10 minutes in the dryer, then hang dry, then steam in the shower while you get ready in the morning.

5. Don’t hang your sweaters. Fold them and put them in a drawer. This easy trick helps the sweaters keep their shape and will keep the fibers in tact.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley