Menswear Halloween Costume Part 2: James Bond

If you saw my first post on an easy menswear inspired Halloween costume but aren’t much of a Dr. Who fan, this one may be the one for you. I mean, who doesn’t like Bond movies? The Bond Look is an easy “throw-together” look for the dapper dude with a tux or nice suit already in the closet. There are numerous ways to do this.

Your first option is a deep side part and a little gel of the hair, a large black bowtie, a set of suspenders, black tux pants and a thrift store ruffled tuxedo shirt.


Tip: Fashion some sort of black felt (found at any craft store) onto one side of the suspenders as if it is a gun holster and ditch the coat for the night.

For a more modern Bond look, thrown on the tux coat. Now you may not have time to order a custom tuxedo shirt, but what about a stock tuxedo shirt?


Haven’t a tux? Why not use that spiffy suit with a side sweep (add a bit of hairspray perhaps) and find a subtle polka dotted tie as he wore in Octopussy.


Now I won’t encourage you carrying around a toy gun with all the current controversies  but why not just dress to kill this Halloween?

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Henley…Meghan Henley

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