Shirt Fabrics Breakdown

Ever gotten to the fabric page when attempting to order your custom dress shirt and thought, “Wait. What fabric do I like? I cannot remember…”

Here is the breakdown by fabric type of our most popular shirting fabrics to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

1. Broadcloth: A broadcloth is the most popular dress shirting fabric. You may have also heard it referred to as poplin. Broadcloths are characterized by their smoothness. The most basic broadcloth is a usually a blend in a 60 count. Our basic broadcloth is a 60/40 blend of cotton and polyester.

Increasing in thread count will create a smoother and softer broadcloth fabric. You can choose from a 100% Egyptian Cotton with a 80′s to 100′s thread count in our Deluxe line. The next step up is a Luxury broadcloth with more like a 120′s or even 140′s thread count. A great choice for custom dress shirts, a broadcloth can be worn every day, casual and open-collared with or without a sport coat, or with a suit and tie.

2. Pinpoint Oxfords are the second most popular as they are thicker and more durable. Pinpoint dress shirts are made of a slightly textured fabric, which lends itself to a sportier look. Because of the thicker yarn and texture, a lower thread count still makes a substantial shirt. Ideal for button-down shirts, these shirts are great worn open-collared for casual days and nights.

3. Royal Oxford dress shirts, Herringbones, and Twill fabrics all have a distinct texture that makes them trendy. These would be our designer’s choice for a cool looking, classy, open-collared look or refined with a wide spread collar and French cuff for dressy occasions. Bespoke elegance is the result of wearing one of these eye-catching fabrics. A Royal Oxford has a basket weave texture while a Twill has a diagonal lined pattern. A Herringbone is characterized by its fishbone pattern.

More questions on fabrics? Let me know!

-Meghan Henley

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