Small Prints

Small printed shirts are back! Sharing some style inspiration shots and our fabrics swatches designs that follow suit. We have tons of new fabrics for your custom dress shirt

Let’s start with Polka Dots. Classic.

This gray spacious polka dot is nice and subtle.









Our Polka Dots are a little more repetitive but it makes a beautiful finished product as well.

Deluxe fabric 214-64K is also a nice subtle dotted pattern.







We also like the Mod Circular pattern here.

Pair a circular pattern with a spread collar and printed coat.









Our version of this Mod Print brings in hints of Fall’s favorite Wine color.







These fun prints keep things casual. They would be great for a date night out.

Casual looks in classic colors.









Soft floral patterns are a great way thing to add to your wardrobe
Tell them what you really hear “BLA BLA BLA”












Let me hear from you! Do you like the new selections? What fabrics would you like to see in our new fabric lines?

-Meghan Henley

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