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Which Shade of Blue Looks Best on You?

We all love a blue dress shirt but did you know that there are better shades of blue for each type of complexion?

Many men actually don’t even know what type of complexion they have.  An easy way to decide is by using those cuff links. Find one piece of yellow gold and one piece of silver or white gold. Perhaps you already know which of the two look better on you. If you tend to wear yellow gold, chances are it is because your warm skin tone is complemented by the warmth of the gold tones. If you look better in silver tones or white metals, most likely you are in the cooler complexion category. If you look great in both, perhaps you have a medium skin tone.

Men with warm skin tones or darker complexions should give vibrant shades of blue such as teal and royal blues a try. No need to throw out those medium blue shirts or suits either. They will also look great on you but try a pop of color with the tie.

Royal Blue M1055
Teal Blue M11564

Those with medium skin tones and less contrast between their hair color and skin tone should aim for styling with cooler shades of blue. A blue shirt with a silver undertone such as our dusty blue or french blue will look perfect on you. A sky blue will be complimented by a tie with touches of sapphire.

French Blue M1073
Dusty Blue M1560

If your complexion is light and cool (high contrast between your hair and skin tone) chances are you will look best in a soft to medium blue with warm undertones. Try a dress blue and pair it with a tie featuring hints of warm orange or wine tones.

Dress Blue M1274

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Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley


Casual Custom Cutaway Collar

Contrary to popular belief, the Extreme Spread or Cutaway custom dress shirt collar is not just for the dressiest of occasions.










Sure, it is a great stylish collar to wear to that wedding but many have begun to wear this extreme spread in a casual way. We have tons of new checks and plaids in stock now for you to style that new casual cutaway. Get started styling yours by clicking here!

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley


Top 5 Menswear Looks at the 2015 Grammys

We spotted several custom made dress shirts on the red carpet last night underneath those stellar suits. Here are our top 5 picks for Menswear at the Emmys this year.

David Oyelowo

This slim fit double breasted coat gained some stares last night.







Geoffrey Arend

Trying out the Bordeaux color trend on the red carpet was a hit.









John Stamos

Stamos adds a pop of red to this classic tux with a pocket square.









Anthony Anderson and Son

Anthony brings classy to the red carpet while his son’s navy tux with a white lapel adds his modern twist.










Andy Samberg

We loved the textured coat on the host’s tux.







Although Jon Hamm skipped the red carpet, we felt we must add his style to the list. He has always been a leading man in menswear but this year finally took home that Lead Actor in a Drama Series Emmy we’ve all been waiting for!

A navy tux with the matching bowtie and lapel scored big.









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Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley


Monochromatic Neutrals

Some of us hang on to summer and reluctantly give in to Fall Fashion while others jump in with both feet. I myself am looking forward to layering on the scarves and hats!

This year, the men’s fashion trend is head to toe neutrals. Chances are that you have lots of neutrals already in your closet which really makes this trend an easy one to follow. If not, we have tons of new shirting fabrics in from Italy in Ivory, Ecru, and Tan which makes it easy to order a new custom dress shirt and have it by the time you pull out the Camel blazer.

Here are some ideas for Fall menswear inspiration.

neutral1 neutral2 neutral3





























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Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley