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Buying a Suit in 2016: Part 2

As a follow up to my last post about 3 suits to consider purchasing if you are buying a suit this year, I want to cover the shape shifting movement in men’s suits. Designers whose suits are being seen on the runways, seem to be creating looser fitting suits this year.


Now don’t toss that trim fit suit quite yet and keep in mind that these trends do take a few years to catch on. However, if you don’t own a “skinny suit”, now may not be the time to invest in one.

Try a custom suit with a bit more of what tailors refer to as an “allowance”. An allowance is the name for those extra inches added to your chest, waist, and hip measurements to allow room for the torso. In other words, if you have a 38 chest, a tailor cannot make the actual coat chest 38 inches or you wouldn’t be able to button the coat. Make sense?

A typical trim fit coat might add a 5 inch allowance to the chest, waist and hip, for example. Ask the tailor what allowance he uses for a trim fit, for a traditional cut, and for a fuller cut. Now may be the time to go back to the traditional fit.

Expert tip: Make sure he or she also tends to the sleeve fullness.

Questions about allowances? Leave me a comment!

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Which Shade of Blue Looks Best on You?

We all love a blue dress shirt but did you know that there are better shades of blue for each type of complexion?

Many men actually don’t even know what type of complexion they have.  An easy way to decide is by using those cuff links. Find one piece of yellow gold and one piece of silver or white gold. Perhaps you already know which of the two look better on you. If you tend to wear yellow gold, chances are it is because your warm skin tone is complemented by the warmth of the gold tones. If you look better in silver tones or white metals, most likely you are in the cooler complexion category. If you look great in both, perhaps you have a medium skin tone.

Men with warm skin tones or darker complexions should give vibrant shades of blue such as teal and royal blues a try. No need to throw out those medium blue shirts or suits either. They will also look great on you but try a pop of color with the tie.

Royal Blue M1055
Teal Blue M11564

Those with medium skin tones and less contrast between their hair color and skin tone should aim for styling with cooler shades of blue. A blue shirt with a silver undertone such as our dusty blue or french blue will look perfect on you. A sky blue will be complimented by a tie with touches of sapphire.

French Blue M1073
Dusty Blue M1560

If your complexion is light and cool (high contrast between your hair and skin tone) chances are you will look best in a soft to medium blue with warm undertones. Try a dress blue and pair it with a tie featuring hints of warm orange or wine tones.

Dress Blue M1274

Ready to order a custom dress shirt? Click here to redeem our offer of $20 off of your first custom shirt with us. New customers only, please.

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Style your Own Custom Dress Shirt

Wanting to order a custom dress shirt that will stand out from the rest? Not only do we offer a custom pattern for each of our customers but we can also let you custom design your shirt style. You can even send in a picture by email and ask if a style you see is something we are able to do for you. Here are a few cool shirt designs we found online to get your ideas rolling.

Inner placket detail and white collar band. Notice the collar itself is the same as the shirt.
White placket, collar, band, and cuff. The contrasting black buttons really make this shirt stand out.
Double up on the buttons and increase the space between. Also a button pocket with piping may be an option depending on the color.
I would avoid the white belt and gold necklace but the sport front placket and cuff trim in red is a nice touch.









Contrasting the buttons and button hole stitching is a fine touch.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Custom Shirt Fabrics Explained

If you are like many, you either don’t know the difference between a Broadcloth or an Oxford fabric or cannot recall when it is time to order your custom dress shirt. Or perhaps you know what you like, but don’t know what it is called. Let’s de-mystify the shirting fabric choices.

Broadcloth can be described as a smooth-finish fabric that is lightweight and breathable. It is considered dressier than an Oxford fabric but due to it’s smoothness, may require more ironing. It has a matte finish to it and works well for dress shirt, casual shirts and tuxedo shirts.

Broadcloth has no texture.

Pinpoint Oxford can be identified by it’s “pinpoint” texture. It has a tiny dotted texture to it and is thicker than a broadcloth. It is very durable and wrinkle resistant and often referred to as a “workhorse” shirting fabric. It is considered less dressy than a broadcloth and is most often worn with a button down collar.

Notice the tiny “Pinpoint” dotted texture.

 Royal Oxford is heavier than both the Pinpoint and Broadcloth fabrics. It is both durable and dressy. It can be identified by it’s “basket-weave” or “boxy” texture. It has a slight sheen or luster to it and works with most any collar style. It is a great fall and winter weight fabric.

Royal oxford has a basket-weave look to it.

Twill is another thick Fall and Winter weight fabric choice. It has a distinct diagonal line pattern to it. It also works well with most all collar styles but will not necessarily work for a tuxedo shirt.

Twills have a diagonal line pattern.

Herringbone fabrics have a fishbone pattern to them or an “arrow” look. They are generally thicker but can be found in a lightweight option as well. They give a solid white shirt some character and are best worn without a button down collar.

Herringbones have a “fish-bone” texture.

 Have other questions about your favorite shirting fabrics? Comment here!

Dress Well! Be Well!

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Monochromatic Neutrals

Some of us hang on to summer and reluctantly give in to Fall Fashion while others jump in with both feet. I myself am looking forward to layering on the scarves and hats!

This year, the men’s fashion trend is head to toe neutrals. Chances are that you have lots of neutrals already in your closet which really makes this trend an easy one to follow. If not, we have tons of new shirting fabrics in from Italy in Ivory, Ecru, and Tan which makes it easy to order a new custom dress shirt and have it by the time you pull out the Camel blazer.

Here are some ideas for Fall menswear inspiration.

neutral1 neutral2 neutral3





























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Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley


What Dress Shirt Colors Look Best on You?

What Colors Look Best on You?

Ever wondered why you get compliments when wearing a certain shirt or color? Ever wonder why you feel you look less than stellar in another shirt? A man with fair hair and skin may look tired and washed out in white while a man with a darker complexion may look young and vibrant. Understanding your complexion is essential to choosing flattering dress shirt and tie combinations.

Cool Undertones: Fair Complexion, Light to Medium Hair and Eye Color


You have a fair complexion with cool undertones. Your hair color may be platinum, ash blond, silver or ash brown, with blue, gray or soft brown eyes. Softer color dress shirts look best on you. Opt for ivory instead of white, and try pastel colors such as pink, blue, lavender, gray and soft yellow.

Here are some soft color choices for you:

Deluxe Fabric M207-1181K – Blue/White
Deluxe Fabric M1576 – Yellow
Economy Fabric E207-92 – Pink





Luxury Fabric Number L5717-B – Dove Gray




Cool Undertones: Deeper Skin Tone or High Contrast between Hair, Eye and Skin Color


You have a deeper skin tone or a high contrast between your hair color, eye color and skin tone. A bright white shirt is a great choice for your custom dress shirt , as are clear, powerful colors like blue, yellow, pink, purple, gray and black.




Here are some great choices for you to wear from our current fabric selections.

Luxury Fabric Number L207-1167K – Purple
Luxury Fabric Number L30882 – Black/Gray
Luxury Fabric Number L6149-C – Blue
Economy Fabric Number E215-57K – Pink/White



Golden Undertones: Golden Brown or Red Hair and Blue or Green Eyes

You have a golden complexion. You may have blue or green eyes, and golden brown or red hair. To look your best, wear a cream dress shirt and clear colors like blue, peach, golden yellow, violet and sea foam green.

Deluxe Fabric M30679 – Green
Luxury Fabric L6007 – Helio Purple
Deluxe Fabric M30829 – Peach/white


Warm Undertones: Earth Tone Hair, Eyes and Skin

You have an earth tone quality to your coloration and look best in warm, muted colors. Wear ecru instead of white, as well as French blue, salmon, marigold, brown and teal.

Luxury Fabric L6147-C Marigold
Luxury Fabric L5718-B Ecru
Economy Fabric Teal Green E17003















Please feel free to send me questions regarding other color choices and let me know if you have trouble finding them on our website! Start your custom shirt order by clicking HERE!

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Current Color Hype: Cobalt Blue

Keeping your style current is easy if you add a trending color. Play it cool with the Cobalt Blue.  There are endless ways to add this hue to your wardrobe to update your closet. Here are just a few ideas from head to toe.

1. Tip your hat: If you are a man who wears many hats, why not make one of them Cobalt Blue?








2. Perfect Fitting Dress Shirt: Although we call it “French Blue” we offer this shade in many textures here.








3. Say it with a Tie: Perk up that classic suit with a bold tie in Cobalt. We offer a beautiful Twill Cobalt tie like the one below here.








4. Suit it up OR add Cobalt Kicks: Maybe choose one or the other but we do love these shoes.








Let me know your thoughts on this color.

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