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When Should You Wear French Cuffs?

Ever wonder if those cuff links are a bit showy for the party or meeting? There are times the French cuff shirt is totally acceptable and times you may get an eye roll.  So how do you know when to wear them? It is usually based on the formality of the event.


Here are 3 times you are welcome to wear them.

1. When the bride says so. If it is a formal wedding and you are a groomsman. If this is the case, luckily this choice is usually made for you.

2. Are you going to a formal event? If it is a black tie event with the more “privileged” class, then yes. Go for it.

3. Are you wearing a very nice and more importantly traditional suit to an important meeting or interview?  If you are interviewing for a top position in the company, it is likely safe. However, If you are headed to a meeting where you feel a slimmer cut and more modern suit is appropriate, most likely you should opt for a barrel cuff.

What about times that you should avoid them?

1. Funerals. Just don’t do it. Not the time to get flashy.

2. With a sweater. It never seems to work out well.

3. To work everyday or to happy hour. Unless you are the CEO.

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Remember Gents, this is just my opinion. Be creative in your dress and leave me your comments!

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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