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Style Inspiration: Elbow Patches

I’m sure at this point you have pulled the sweaters out. Today’s style inspiration comes from those sweaters with the super cool professor-like elbow patches. They are great for layering and staying warm this winter.

Here are some real beauties we found. Best news yet? There are three ways to acquire one.

1. Purchase one (duh)

2. Mention it as a gift idea this holiday season.

3. Simply add some elbow patches to your favorite sweater or cardigan.

Don’t forget to add a custom dress shirt to layer beneath.




What do you think of the patch sweaters? Yay or nay?

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

Gift Guide: Men with Style Part 2

We have rounded up a few more gifts for you to give or even ask for, dear readers and our favorite men with style.

1. Disposable collar stays. These Fashion Anchors will hold the collar of your custom dress shirt in place. Only $6 for a pack of 12 make them a great stocking stuffer.

2. Flannel Shirts never go out of style and will keep you nice and warm this winter.


3. Chelsea Boots are so hot this season.  This 1000 Mile Montague Chelsea Boot by Wolverine is a bit dressier than others we have seen and is easy to order from Zappos.



4. A copy of True Style: The History and Principles of Classic Menswear. G Bruce Boyer wrote this book for the stylish man. $15 on Amazon.

truestyle bok

We will keep the gift guide posts coming! Send me any ideas you have out there, Gents!

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Are Gift Certificates Impersonal?

Gift certificates may be a quick and easy gift to give but are they still considered too impersonal?


In recent years the negative stigma of gift certificates has begun to fade and many thoughtful friends and family have realized it may actually be the perfect gift. Although you may not know what the recipient would buy within a certain shop, you most likely know where it is they prefer to shop. In my opinion, as long as you are gearing the gift certificate toward their interests, you are in great shape. Now, have I mentioned we offer gift certificates? Click here to find the link to share with YOUR friends and family.


Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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How To Repurpose Your Old Dress Shirts

So you just ordered a whole new slew of custom dress shirts…but what to do with the ones with stains, ring around the collar, and small tears? Most of the time, damaged shirts won’t necessarily be accepted for donation. Here are a few great ideas if you are like me and hate adding to the millions of pounds of trash we humans are accumulating.

shirt sleeve as wine sleeve
A few stitches make your old sleeve into a great wine gift presentation.

How-To here.

shirts as quilt
Take your old shirts back to your tailor and ask if they or someone can make them into a custom quilt.

I can also see the above as a cool piece of wall art. Either way, find some inspiration here.

Moving on from your old dress shirts, you may even find some cool new ways to present other menswear items.

Wrap your menswear gift around an empty box.

Nearing the holidays, (I am in no way rushing through Thanksgiving like those annoying retail stores often do) what about thinking OUTSIDE the box? Try wrapping the dress shirt (gift) over an empty box for a tailored wrap.

If you are a man into design as well as style, take a look at this re-use of menswear to reupholster chairs. Wow.

suits as seat cushions
Suits as seat covers? How Bespoke is that!?

This and more ideas here.

Send us some menswear re-use ideas if you have any. We love to hear from you.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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How Suspenders Can Improve Your Appearance

I’m sure by now you dapper dudes know that suspenders can be a great alternative to wearing a belt. Did you know however that suspenders can actually improve your appearance over the staple of a belt? For one thing, when the shirt is tucked and fits correctly, it creates a nice streamlined waist. Shirt not fitting all that well? Click here to order a custom dress shirt with us.


If you can check a great fitting shirt off the list, how about the pant waist? Often, we cinch the belt in to decrease the waist of the pant causing the pant waist fabric to bunch in some areas. If suspenders are worn correctly, it can keep a great fit at the waist and not double any fabric over. Thirdly, suspenders can help in getting the perfect pant “break” at the shoe. Cool, huh?


Now, let’s talk about the suspenders themselves and how they should be worn. First and foremost, never wear both a belt and suspenders. It’s one or the other, gents. If you have the option of suspenders with buttons or snaps, we say you should choose the buttons.  Did I mention we also make custom pants? Click here to check them out. Thirdly, choose whether you are going full elastic or not. Most all suspenders come in either full elastic or partial. We prefer either a nice durable suspender fabric in full or leather suspender with partial elastic bottoms.


Dress well! Be well!

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Convertible Cuff verses French Cuff

A true French cuff folds back and must have cuff links for closure

Ever wonder what it means when a tailor refers to the convertible cuff option? Although the convertible cuff is not for everyone, it may be a great choice for you.

To start, it is NOT a true French cuff in that it does not actually fold back before closure. It also isn’t a French cuff because it has a button and buttonhole that is always useable.


However, if you do like to add a little bling with cuff links as well, the option is there. In other words, there are also holes to wear the links but they are not necessary as they are when wearing a true French cuff. The convertible cuff is obviously a little more casual but a great way to show off those awesome links you got for Father’s Day.  So, convertible cuff something you might like to try? Click here to start your custom dress shirt with your first convertible cuff.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Which Spread Collar is Right for You?

When ordering your custom dress shirt, deciding on a collar spread is more of a personal choice than one may think. So which spread collar is right for you? There are many things to consider such as the shape of your face, your style intent, and your body shape.  Let’s break down the three major spreads to find which one is right for you.

Medium Spread


The medium spread collar should be reserved for those looking for a little something different but who want to continue with a reserved and traditional appearance. The medium spread works for most body types and face shapes as well. If you are just beginning to venture away from the traditional point collar, this is where you should start. This spread will work for all body types.

Wide Spread


The wide spread collar begins to grab a bit more attention and is noticeably more spread. Although it can be a close rendition of the cutaway or extreme spread, the wide spread often has a soft curve to the collar points. The wide spread collar best works for oval, square or diamond shaped faces and those with a lean or muscular physique. If your face is round, you will want to opt for more of a traditional point or medium spread.

Extreme Wide Spread or “Cutaway”


The extreme spread has a clearly defined straight line created by the collar points. There is no curve to the point. This style is usually suited best for a more modern look or for those interested in a youthful style. This collar style again works for those with an oval, square or diamond shaped face.  Since it enhances the width of the neck, those with a short neck may steer clear. Tip: an extreme spread collar in white on a patterned shirt body kicks it up a notch and don’t forget the wide tie knot. See my post on ideas for tie knots here.

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How to Dress for that Promotion at Work

Ever feel like you put forth so much effort at work and the boss just doesn’t seem to notice?  What if you grab his or her attention in a new way? Let the powers that be know you, in fact, see yourself moving up the corporate ladder but you also never seem to lose sight of the finer details. Here are some wardrobe tips to show your boss you mean business.

1. Don’t be afraid to sport a French cuff dress shirt. Adding this element of class to your wardrobe will show you are looking to move up.


2. So now you need some great cuff links. Save the trendy links for date night and go with something traditional for the office.


3. Add a tie bar.


4. Order a custom dress shirt with eyelet holes for a collar pin.


5. Wear a pocket square.


Stay tuned for a blog post on the latest trends in pocket square folding, gents.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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How Your Dress Shirt SHOULD Fit

So you think you have a pretty good fitting dress shirt? Maybe it’s great or maybe you are beginning to wonder if it could be better. Let’s take a look at how your dress shirt should fit.


The collar should lightly touch the neck all the way around with enough room to fit one finger in the front. If there is any pressure of the fabric into the skin, it is too tight.


The shoulder seam should rest on the very outer edge of the shoulder top. The seam should not fall over the shoulder toward the tricep. The armhole should not cut into the underarm area.

The chest and waist should have a comfortable button closure with room for movement of the rib cage as well as the roundest part of your midsection. There should not be excess or bulging fabric at the pant waist when the shirt is tucked in.

The cuff should land just at the protruding bone on the outside of the wrist if the sleeve length is long enough. There should be enough cuff width to allow for a watch if you wear one.

The shirt tail should completely hide the waistband and beltline and have enough room at all sides to stay tucked when you’ve loosened it by reaching your arms overhead.

If you are thinking your fit could improve, start by clicking here.

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Custom Shirt Fabrics Explained

If you are like many, you either don’t know the difference between a Broadcloth or an Oxford fabric or cannot recall when it is time to order your custom dress shirt. Or perhaps you know what you like, but don’t know what it is called. Let’s de-mystify the shirting fabric choices.

Broadcloth can be described as a smooth-finish fabric that is lightweight and breathable. It is considered dressier than an Oxford fabric but due to it’s smoothness, may require more ironing. It has a matte finish to it and works well for dress shirt, casual shirts and tuxedo shirts.

Broadcloth has no texture.

Pinpoint Oxford can be identified by it’s “pinpoint” texture. It has a tiny dotted texture to it and is thicker than a broadcloth. It is very durable and wrinkle resistant and often referred to as a “workhorse” shirting fabric. It is considered less dressy than a broadcloth and is most often worn with a button down collar.

Notice the tiny “Pinpoint” dotted texture.

 Royal Oxford is heavier than both the Pinpoint and Broadcloth fabrics. It is both durable and dressy. It can be identified by it’s “basket-weave” or “boxy” texture. It has a slight sheen or luster to it and works with most any collar style. It is a great fall and winter weight fabric.

Royal oxford has a basket-weave look to it.

Twill is another thick Fall and Winter weight fabric choice. It has a distinct diagonal line pattern to it. It also works well with most all collar styles but will not necessarily work for a tuxedo shirt.

Twills have a diagonal line pattern.

Herringbone fabrics have a fishbone pattern to them or an “arrow” look. They are generally thicker but can be found in a lightweight option as well. They give a solid white shirt some character and are best worn without a button down collar.

Herringbones have a “fish-bone” texture.

 Have other questions about your favorite shirting fabrics? Comment here!

Dress Well! Be Well!

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