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Style your Own Custom Dress Shirt

Wanting to order a custom dress shirt that will stand out from the rest? Not only do we offer a custom pattern for each of our customers but we can also let you custom design your shirt style. You can even send in a picture by email and ask if a style you see is something we are able to do for you. Here are a few cool shirt designs we found online to get your ideas rolling.

Inner placket detail and white collar band. Notice the collar itself is the same as the shirt.
White placket, collar, band, and cuff. The contrasting black buttons really make this shirt stand out.
Double up on the buttons and increase the space between. Also a button pocket with piping may be an option depending on the color.
I would avoid the white belt and gold necklace but the sport front placket and cuff trim in red is a nice touch.









Contrasting the buttons and button hole stitching is a fine touch.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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