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Should You Starch Your Dress Shirts?

Many customers ask us which of our shirting fabrics “hold starch the most”. I tend to answer this question with a question. “Why exactly do you want or need to starch your dress shirt?” The most important thing to remember is that the regular use of starch drastically reduces the lifespan of your shirts.  So, is it worth it?


If you feel you must starch the body and sleeves of the shirt for wrinkling, chances are the fabric quality and thread count is quite low. If you feel that the cuff and collar are in need of being pressed, perhaps the interfacing (also known as fusing) is the culprit. A higher quality fusing can quickly resolve this. Read here about our high quality German interfacing.

Design 2

My advice to these customers is to buy a high thread count quality dress shirt and insist in having a reinforced collar and cuff. We have some great options in our Deluxe and Luxury fabric lines. The higher the thread count, the less wrinkling.  If you do, however choose to continue with starching your shirts, try a light starch or do it less often.

Dress well! Be well!

-Meghan Henley

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Spring Colors in Menswear

It’s finally time to start prepping for Spring 2016. Looking at the newest colors in menswear, we made some great selections of spring shirting fabrics for you to add to your wardrobe. When you go custom, you not only get to pick the color of the shirt but the style details as well.

And…Our top three Spring colors drawn from the SS16 Menswear Runway are as follows:

1. Sky Blue


Sky Blue M1061 found in our Deluxe fabric line.


2. Any Tan and White combo


L30927 – Tan/White in our Luxury line under “Luxury European” fabrics
L30927 TanWhite
3. Seafoam Green
M30636 – Green in our Deluxe  line under “Textured Fabrics”
Get started now for your shirts to be in for Spring!
Dress Well! Be Well!
-Meghan Henley

Buying a Suit in 2016: Part 2

As a follow up to my last post about 3 suits to consider purchasing if you are buying a suit this year, I want to cover the shape shifting movement in men’s suits. Designers whose suits are being seen on the runways, seem to be creating looser fitting suits this year.


Now don’t toss that trim fit suit quite yet and keep in mind that these trends do take a few years to catch on. However, if you don’t own a “skinny suit”, now may not be the time to invest in one.

Try a custom suit with a bit more of what tailors refer to as an “allowance”. An allowance is the name for those extra inches added to your chest, waist, and hip measurements to allow room for the torso. In other words, if you have a 38 chest, a tailor cannot make the actual coat chest 38 inches or you wouldn’t be able to button the coat. Make sense?

A typical trim fit coat might add a 5 inch allowance to the chest, waist and hip, for example. Ask the tailor what allowance he uses for a trim fit, for a traditional cut, and for a fuller cut. Now may be the time to go back to the traditional fit.

Expert tip: Make sure he or she also tends to the sleeve fullness.

Questions about allowances? Leave me a comment!

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Buying a Suit in 2016: Part 1

Looking into investing in a new suit? Though trends come and go, there are a few classics that you can purchase that will keep your look modern, not trendy. Here are three suit types to consider in the next year to keep your style timeless while on point.

1. Double Breasted: This class act of a suit is back and looks great on most men. If your height is 5’7 or less this may not be the best look for you.


2. Gray 3 Piece Suit: Gray is certainly trending right now but never considered trendy. You can wear gray with anything and looks great on all skin tones.

gray suit

3. Peak Lapel: A classic more formal style of suit that is most often seen on tuxedos. It can really class up a navy suit like this one.  Pair it with the double breast and you cannot go wrong.


Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Best Men’s Dress Socks

We rarely put much thought into our dress sock color or style until recently, am I right? But suddenly we began seeing the Italians sporting dress socks in stripes of orange and blue and eventually, we became enamored with them ourselves. It’s a great way to just catch someone’s attention when you cross your legs.

When choosing your new fancy-pants dress socks, keep two things in mind.

1. Choose socks made of mostly natural fibers. Avoid the 100% polyester socks. Ew.

2. Look for brands that have a moisture wicking guarantee. This will not only absorb the sweat but will pull it to the outer surface to keep your feet dry.

And now our top 2 choices for the Best Men’s Dress Socks out there….

VK Nagrani




Ted Baker




Are they too wild for you? They have some subtle options as well and will feel great on your feet.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Can Men Wear Winter White?

Winter white is a great option for staying in style during the colder months. There are some tricks to pull it off, though. Here are some of our thoughts.

1. Choose a heavier white fabric like white denim or wool for pants.  We also love an off-white wool sweater or cardigan. No lightweight white linen please. For one thing, you will feel the winter chill roll through the fabric but it will also appear out of place in freezing temps.


2. Generally we don’t advise layering too many dark fabrics on your upper body while keeping things white and light on the lower portion. It is hard to pull off. So how is it this guy looks so dapper, you ask?

Simple, he added a solid colored shirt with a white collar. I might have chosen a neutral toned coat instead of navy, myself.


3. Try a speckled “whitish” sweater on top to look and feel cozy. It isn’t exactly winter white. Perhaps it is even better.


4. Adding neutrals to the rest of the body helps to create a soft minimalist style with a pair of crisp white chinos.


What is so great about white pants? For one thing, you usually don’t wear them often throughout the year so they will likely stay in tact if you find a nice durable pair.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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How to NOT Wear a Tie to Work

Hate wearing ties? There are ways to get away with it in some offices.  However, before you get too excited, some offices have a strict dress code and a tie is a must. If this isn’t the case for you but you tend to throw one on anyway because you aren’t sure how to style yourself without a tie, this is your lucky day. Here are some ideas how you can NOT wear a tie to work.

The way to achieve the look is to make sure you are adding at least one interesting accessory or detail.

That may be a silk scarf with a crisp striped dress shirt and suit.


Order a custom dress shirt like above by clicking here.

Another interesting look can be created with a simple rounded collar style. It will certainly show off your attention to detail and a tie isn’t necessary. Start your custom round collared dress shirt with us by clicking here.








Or just adding a pocket square with a bright white shirt and well fitting suit may be enough. This guy gets bonus points for the matching briefcase and shoes.








Send me other thoughts on how to get away without a tie at the office.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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New Ways to Wear Flannel this Fall

We all know that flannel shirts are very popular during the cool months. The most recent flannel buzz is on the more neutral tones while the past few years the focus was on the brightly colored flannels. I personally prefer the softer side flannels in neutrals and subdued shades of blue and green.

Chambray blazers and flannel shirts are popular this season.

Don’t think for a minute that flannel fabrics are only for shirts. Flannel outerwear has been around for years. Have you ever considered trying a flannel sport coat or cap? How about both?

Matching flannel newsboy cap and sport coat

There are some truly stunning flannel suits out there and we think now is the time to invest in a good one.

Gorgeous flannel windowpane suit

They are gaining popularity again and most custom tailors offer several nice flannel suiting fabrics.

Not ready to take the suit plunge? Take some time to review our Luxury flannel shirting fabrics here.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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When Should You Wear French Cuffs?

Ever wonder if those cuff links are a bit showy for the party or meeting? There are times the French cuff shirt is totally acceptable and times you may get an eye roll.  So how do you know when to wear them? It is usually based on the formality of the event.


Here are 3 times you are welcome to wear them.

1. When the bride says so. If it is a formal wedding and you are a groomsman. If this is the case, luckily this choice is usually made for you.

2. Are you going to a formal event? If it is a black tie event with the more “privileged” class, then yes. Go for it.

3. Are you wearing a very nice and more importantly traditional suit to an important meeting or interview?  If you are interviewing for a top position in the company, it is likely safe. However, If you are headed to a meeting where you feel a slimmer cut and more modern suit is appropriate, most likely you should opt for a barrel cuff.

What about times that you should avoid them?

1. Funerals. Just don’t do it. Not the time to get flashy.

2. With a sweater. It never seems to work out well.

3. To work everyday or to happy hour. Unless you are the CEO.

Ready to order a French cuff custom made shirt? Start here.

Remember Gents, this is just my opinion. Be creative in your dress and leave me your comments!

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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How Your Dress Shirt SHOULD Fit

So you think you have a pretty good fitting dress shirt? Maybe it’s great or maybe you are beginning to wonder if it could be better. Let’s take a look at how your dress shirt should fit.


The collar should lightly touch the neck all the way around with enough room to fit one finger in the front. If there is any pressure of the fabric into the skin, it is too tight.


The shoulder seam should rest on the very outer edge of the shoulder top. The seam should not fall over the shoulder toward the tricep. The armhole should not cut into the underarm area.

The chest and waist should have a comfortable button closure with room for movement of the rib cage as well as the roundest part of your midsection. There should not be excess or bulging fabric at the pant waist when the shirt is tucked in.

The cuff should land just at the protruding bone on the outside of the wrist if the sleeve length is long enough. There should be enough cuff width to allow for a watch if you wear one.

The shirt tail should completely hide the waistband and beltline and have enough room at all sides to stay tucked when you’ve loosened it by reaching your arms overhead.

If you are thinking your fit could improve, start by clicking here.

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-Meghan Henley