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Fall 2015 Bordeaux Based Palettes

Seen all over the Men’s Fall/Winter 2015/2016 Runway were custom dress shirts in shades of burgundy, maroon,  wine, eggplant and plum. Possibly the best thing about these shades is their versatility. Shades of burgundy can be worn with any base color of suit or topcoat. Let’s style our shades of wine based on suit color.

Navy Suit: The blue undertone of a soft plum works well with the classic navy suit.  I prefer a lighter shade of pinot or soft plum custom dress shirt unbuttoned with a navy suit for a bit of a casual look.  If worn with a tie, why not match your tie to a custom dress shirt in this season’s hottest shade? We can help you design one here.

The fur scarf may not be for everyone but is another trend this Fall.








Black Suit: Because a black suit goes with just about everything in your closet, you can really get creative here. If going for a deep eggplant or Bordeaux dress shirt, try a solid black tie for a crisp modern look or have a little more fun with a patterned tie with a dark base color. Here is a nice classic white shirt with another trending fall fashion, the horizontal striped tie.

This classic clean look shows off 2 of this season’s trends.









Charcoal Suit: Why not go a little wild with a plaid charcoal suit? If you have one of these, a plum or wine colored tie will really bring things together. I prefer a classic white custom dress shirt with this look to keep things subtle. If you want to add just another hint of flare, try a small print polka dotted tie.

A smooth way to wear two patterns: plaids and small polka dots.









What other ways can you style this shade into your wardrobe this season? Let us know!

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley