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Letting People Go – Dressing As An Authority

Dress Conservative When Firing An Employee

Dressing As an Authority
When you are in the position of having to fire an employee, you want to make sure that you dress as a person who is in authority.

What shirt gives you the most authority

You have the most options for shirts that you like  but a custom shirt will give you the most authority.

Wearing  a conservative shirt is best when you must let a member of your staff go. Choose an understated shirt and a light fabric.

Benefits of  Dress Custom Shirt

As a person in a position of authority it is important that your clothing resonates your position. When you buy of a custom  dress shirt, cotton shirts are best because the natural fabric breaths, which is important when you feel stressed.

When you wear a cotton shirt, you will feel comfortable keeping your jacket on, which makes you appear to be more professional during these solemn activities.

How to achieve conservative appearance ?

Choose flattering white buttons for a white shirt, and dark buttons work well with darker shirts. Typically, an executive will wear a light-colored shirt with a dark suit. Although there are several combinations from which to choose, be conservative as possible when you have the task of having to eliminate a position at your company. Remember that this job is a somber one, and employees are more likely to remain calm if your appearance is conservative and somber.

Non Verbal Communication

Your facial expressions as well should be calm and a bit soothing when you are letting employees go. They should feel that you detest the act and you are simply carrying out a necessary duty. Unfortunately ending a person’s position can have a devastating impact on the employee’s financial situation, so you should handling the act with tact and respect.

Dress the Part

Your dress should also set you apart as a person in authority, and a person who is capable of making these decisions. You must appear confident in your decision, and your employees must feel a sense of finality in the act. He or she should understand that the decision has been made and that there is nothing left to do except prepare for the transition out of the company.