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Convertible Cuff verses French Cuff

A true French cuff folds back and must have cuff links for closure

Ever wonder what it means when a tailor refers to the convertible cuff option? Although the convertible cuff is not for everyone, it may be a great choice for you.

To start, it is NOT a true French cuff in that it does not actually fold back before closure. It also isn’t a French cuff because it has a button and buttonhole that is always useable.


However, if you do like to add a little bling with cuff links as well, the option is there. In other words, there are also holes to wear the links but they are not necessary as they are when wearing a true French cuff. The convertible cuff is obviously a little more casual but a great way to show off those awesome links you got for Father’s Day.  So, convertible cuff something you might like to try? Click here to start your custom dress shirt with your first convertible cuff.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Custom Dress Shirt Styling Option Spotlight: The Angled Cuff

Whether you prefer a button or French cuff custom dress shirt, were you aware that you have even more style options than the cuff closure? Today we would like to feature the Angled Cuff option.

This small  notched detail shows class and will definitely get your friend’s and coworker’s attention.

An Angled Cuff is stylish and dapper with a gray suit.

You may hear it referred to as a “mitred” cuff.

An Angled French Cuff adds a little something different to the traditional style.

You can even double up on the angles.

Another option is the Double Angled Button Cuff.

Here are our custom angled cuff options.

Angled One Button Cuff
Angled Two Button Cuff
Angled French Cuff
Double Angled One Button Cuff
Double Angled Two Button Cuff


Ready to get your custom dress shirt started?

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Monogrammed Custom Dress Shirts


Monogrammed custom dress shirts are back. Some things to keep in mind if you are ready to take the monogram plunge.

1. Stay subtle. Don’t try to be trendy and monogram something like G6 on your sleeve. Go with your own initials, please.

2. Keep it masculine. Order your monogram with the initials in order of your name. The larger middle initial as the last name initial is for the ladies.







3. Don’t double up. If you are wearing monogrammed cufflinks, steer clear of the monogrammed cuff.

Cufflinks, collar stays and money clips can be monogrammed.









4. Try something unexpected.

Let your inner collar show with a monogram in a bold color.







Designer Mark McNairy’s Fall 2014 collection featured casual men’s monogrammed shirts and cardigans.







I am a fan of them all. Ready to monogram your custom dress shirt? Start here!

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley