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Best Men’s Dress Socks

We rarely put much thought into our dress sock color or style until recently, am I right? But suddenly we began seeing the Italians sporting dress socks in stripes of orange and blue and eventually, we became enamored with them ourselves. It’s a great way to just catch someone’s attention when you cross your legs.

When choosing your new fancy-pants dress socks, keep two things in mind.

1. Choose socks made of mostly natural fibers. Avoid the 100% polyester socks. Ew.

2. Look for brands that have a moisture wicking guarantee. This will not only absorb the sweat but will pull it to the outer surface to keep your feet dry.

And now our top 2 choices for the Best Men’s Dress Socks out there….

VK Nagrani




Ted Baker




Are they too wild for you? They have some subtle options as well and will feel great on your feet.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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