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Suit It Like Beckham

David Beckham is always dressed to impress. He and wife Victoria have been a style icon-couple since they married.  David seems to grab even more attention when he suits up.  So what is it about his style that women (and men) admire so much?  Let’s take a look.

1. The clean lines. A crisp white shirt like this is so easy to work with. Try a Medium Spread collar if ordering a custom dress shirt, you can reduce the point length by 1/4 or 1/2 inch to create the style he wears here. Try one with us today. Start your order here.







2. He keeps his wardrobe crisp and classic and sticks to what he knows works. The two button coat and medium lapel work well with the medium width of the tie. Keep with a theme if you can: medium spread collar, medium tie width, medium lapel.








3. He doubles up on some classic styles. This double breasted pinstripe suit somehow doesn’t seem like too much with the clean white shirt and standard solid tie.









4. He knows how to suit down as well. He can just as easily throw on a tee under the suit. Some of us cannot pull off the V-neck but a graphic tee is a great place to try this trend.







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Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley


Fashion shirts

Fashion Shirts For Men

Fashion shirts are considered to be the most trendiest shirts one can wear.

White Fashion Shirt
White Fashion Shirt

Men Used To Wear Boring Shirts

Not long ago most men wouldn’t even wear a pink dress shirt . So wearing men’s fashion shirt was totally out of question.

Latest Men’s Fashion

A new phenomenon happened in men’s clothing about 15 years ago .Dot.com revolution brought business casual into main stream of fashion  and men started experiencing new exciting colors .

Latest Fashion Trends

Right after the business casual  revolution men started experiencing new exciting colors & styling details which gave birth birth to latest men’s fashion trends in shirts .

The Most Common Fashion Shirt

Although designing fashion shirts is up to anyone’s imaginations , the most common fashion shirt is designed with contrasting collar and cuffs using colored trimming in the inside part of collar and cuff.

Purple Fashion Shirt
Purple Fashion Shirt

What Determines The Look of Fashion Designer Shirt

 The color and pattern of the trimming fabric used for collars and cuffs  determines the look of the fashion shirt.
For example bright and loud color used in trimming fabric gives the shirt a very casual and weekend look. On the other hand darker colors used in trimming gives the shirt more sophisticated business casual look

Light Blue Designer Shirt
Light Blue Designer Shirt

Design Your Own Fashion Shirt

Designing men’s fashion shirts for the look you want has never been this easy. Just go on any online custom shirt tailoring website website to create men’s fashion designer shirt of your choice .


Sky Blue Designer Shirt
Sky Blue Designer Shirt

Rest assured , you will look pretty dashing wearing fashion shirts with jeans, chinos or dress slacks .

Blue & White Stripe Designer Shirt
Blue & White Stripe Designer Shirt
Light Blue Designer Custom Shirt
Light Blue Designer Custom Shirt