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Men’s Holiday Style

Looking for subtle ways to add a little holiday style to your wardrobe? Here are some quick additions you can make to send your regular wardrobe into the holiday season with style.

1. A red scarf and holiday themed lapel pin will surely get the point across. There are also some great gold lapel pins out there to add a subtle amount of holiday cheer.


2. A ruby toned tie added to your everyday suit shows class and a red tie also gives off a sense of power.


3. Army green elements (one of the hottest colors this year in menswear)paired with a red plaid scarf will show off some casual holiday spirit.


4. A plaid newsboy is a fun way to add some spunk to your holiday gear.


How do you show off your holiday spirit in a dapper way?

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley


Style Inspiration: Elbow Patches

I’m sure at this point you have pulled the sweaters out. Today’s style inspiration comes from those sweaters with the super cool professor-like elbow patches. They are great for layering and staying warm this winter.

Here are some real beauties we found. Best news yet? There are three ways to acquire one.

1. Purchase one (duh)

2. Mention it as a gift idea this holiday season.

3. Simply add some elbow patches to your favorite sweater or cardigan.

Don’t forget to add a custom dress shirt to layer beneath.




What do you think of the patch sweaters? Yay or nay?

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

Menswear Plaid Knowledge

Definitely the most familiar plaid in menswear must be a windowpane check, right? Not necessarily, gents. There are many that you may be forgetting about. Let’s review the most popular and ways to wear them.

For a bold look, choose a windowpane check as the vertical and horizontal lines are typically thick and obvious. They create a large window like pattern and can really catch the eye. These are often found on men’s suits but are also found on men’s shirts. If you are wearing a windowpane shirt, keep the suit a solid color or a small pinstripe should work.

windowpane jasonporshewordpress
Windowpane three piece suit

Of course, when thinking of men’s suits we must not forget the glen plaid. It is usually found with a broken pattern of checks and made with woven twill.

A glen plaid is a classic suit staple.

For a warm and classic look, perhaps you should throw a little hounds tooth into your cool weather wardrobe this season. This pattern is characterized by the jagged checker type pattern shown below and is classically found in shades of black and white but has many options in the current menswear field. The hounds tooth pattern size itself varies and is more masculine when it is found in a smaller size. If you really want to spice things up, find a bold colored hounds tooth. Who’s stopping you?

houndstooth etsy
Gray hounds tooth can be a twist on the classic black and white.

If you want to add some casual cool to your plaid style, I would recommend going for a tartan plaid or colorful madras custom dress shirt. Flannel fabrics are trending and venture into the tartan areas quite nicely.

A tartan plaid scarf is a great way to add color to your style

Madras is a versatile fabric and can be worn in both long and short sleeve shirts. We currently have lots of casual checks and plaids in stock. Check them out here.

Cool shades of blue make this madras shirt a casual wear staple.

However you choose to wear your plaid, wear it proudly!

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Dress well! Be well!

-Meghan Henley


Style Spotlight: Socks with Interest

Adding socks with interest to your wardrobe may just be the easiest and most cost effective way to create more daily style. Whether you opt for prints or brightly colored solids, an ankle peek of interest is well worth the small investment. Here are some of our favorites.




Small Prints.



Trending solids colors.








Why not get crazy with a brightly colored pattern?


Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Olive Green Menswear Style Inspiration

Tired of navy suits, brown tweed sport coats, and camel topcoats? Let’s give Olive Green a shot why don’t we? It can be paired with almost every color as it is now considered a neutral. It looks great with blues of all shades and can be paired with black OR brown.

A light shade of green goes beautifully with denim.
A dapper green blazer would be a great fall addition.
Ever considered an olive suit? Perhaps you should.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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How to Create a Dapper Street Style

Street style doesn’t mean you have to be sporting joggers and sneakers. Men with style know that you can create a well put-together and dapper casual look if you follow a few simple rules.

1. Keep one piece dressy. Whether it be a sport coat or a custom dress shirt, as long as one piece is a bit dressier you are on the right track.


2. Layer. Adding different textures and elements can really up your street style game.


3. Play with one trend at a time. Don’t try a shearling coat and a wide leg pant. Pick one and keep the rest neutral. (Although this guy forgot his, you should remember to wear a shirt.)


4. Monochrome. Try to go with shades and colors that are close. This instantly modernizes and dresses things up a bit.


5. Detail it.  Add a detailed belt or topcoat with jeans and a blue button down. Instant swagger.


Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Fall Style 2015: Colorblock Coats

Men’s colorblock coats are being seen everywhere this Fall. What we love about this trend is the versatility. Men’s color-blocking can be found on topcoats, sport coats and blazers, and casual wear.

Top Coat in Olive and Camel Color-Blocking
Navy and Light Gray Color-Blocked Blazer
Light Brown and Charcoal Color-Blocked Casual Coat

Which is your favorite look?

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Casual Friday: Denim Blazers

Whether you love them or hate them, denim blazers are gaining popularity. They can make for a nice casual Fall look if you do it right. Here is how.

Do: Stick with classic pairings.

Paired with a white shirt, open collar and navy slacks. Clean.

Don’t: Get all cowboy on us.

I just can’t.

Do: Pair with lighter shades of shirts and pants.

The pale blue shirt and white chinos make for a crisp modern look.

Don’t: Go double-breasted.

It’s too much. The acid wash, big buttons and wide lapel.

Unless you are this guy.

Do: Take advantage of a great price on a summer weight denim for next year.

Remember real fabrics wrinkle.

Dress Well! Be Well and Happy Casual Friday!

-Meghan Henley

Layering for Men

If you are anything like my husband, the thought of layering is a bit scary. With a few good tips layering over and under your custom dress shirt may become a little less daunting.

1. Keep the shirt tail of the bottom layer shorter than that of the top layer. If wearing a sweater or vest, make sure the tail of the under-layer doesn’t peek out.


2. Keep it comfortable and allow movement. Each piece should have a comfortable fit on it’s own but allow enough room once it is layered for free movement. Don’t purchase a sweater without making sure you can comfortably wearing that button down beneath it.


3. Make sure it is easy to remove a layer or two. In case your day heats up make sure the under layer looks crisp and can go solo.


4. When playing with color, try to go from one extreme to the other. Try lightest to darkest. A light colored shirt, medium sweater, and dark colored coat is a great start or try going the other direction altogether.


5. Don’t try too many bold colors. Two at the most is my recommendation.


Trendy Tip: Try a skinny tie under a sweater for a modern and youthful look.


Layering questions? Leave me a comment!

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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Custom Dress Shirt Reminders

A few reminders for our long time customers in case you have forgotten or never knew:

1-We have been around much longer than some of these new online tailors.

Generations of fine and craftsmanship and custom tailoring know-how have helped us hone our craft. The Giorgenti family can trace back its roots in quality garment-making as far back as five generations.


2-Your shirt will shrink to fit you so don’t just the shirt right out of the package.

We allow for an average shrinkage of about 3% into the shirt when we make it. We know the shrinkage allowance for each fabric bolt and must factor this is to your custom shirt pattern before it is made. This is why we insist you launder and dry the shirts before we begin adjusting your pattern for the next order.


3-We want to hear what fabrics you want to see in our three stellar fabric categories!

Are you wishing for more end on end fabrics? Plaids? Please let us know. Email us at info@bestcustomshirt.com


4-We recommend laundering and drying your shirts once a perspiration odor or stain has appeared.

The more they are laundered, the shorter the life of the shirt. You can double the life of your shirt just by wearing it twice before washing.


5-Remember to dress for success.

Within the first 30 seconds of meeting you, ten value judgments are being made about you including: your educational level, socio-economic level, success level, position, organizational skills, trustworthiness, likeability, competence, and integrity.

father & son

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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