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Custom Cuff Size for Stunning Watches

Our custom made dress shirts are completely made to measure, meaning you are able to calculate in the needed circumference of your cuff size to allow for that killer watch you finally bought. We generally recommend adding 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch to the wrist you wear your watch on, however some of these beauties may require more like 1 1/4 allowance.  Check these out and let us know if you need assistance adding the allowance in.

Why not try the Rose Gold Trend?








Or the clean lines of a mid century modern watch?








Or navigate your way through life with this guy.








This masculine time piece will work well in any situation.








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Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley



How To Wear The Three Piece Suit

So you decided to venture into the world of the three piece suit. Great! Now, let’s add some details.

Choose a shirt with a contrasting collar and cuff and add a matching pocket square. You can design your own white collar dress shirt here.








Show some belt. Add a contrasting belt and leave the coat unbuttoned.

3piecewith belt







Why not pull out your grandfather’s pocket watch? What’s the point of it sitting in your valet box?









Haven’t bought your three piece yet? Why not try this season’s new color: Wine? It looks great with the rounded collar. We can make your custom dress shirt in this style. Start your new club collar shirt here.








Or perhaps buy one with a scoop front vest?








Smoke in your three piece. Just kidding. Don’t smoke. But Daniel Craig is cool.








Let me know how you wear yours. Dress well! Be well!

-Meghan Henley




Fall Fashion 2015






Many things on the men’s runway for this season cannot reasonable carry over into your workweek wardrobe like fur, shearling, or velvet coats. (If you do work in this type of environment, please send us some pics!) There are, however some items I truly think you should consider working into your wardrobe this fall. I chose 5 and recommend you pick up 3.

1. Something Burgundy: As I have mentioned before in this blog post this color is going to be everywhere. You may refer to it as Marsala, Wine, or even “Soft-Eggplant” but this purplish-red is making a major statement this Fall. Try the color out in a tie or custom dress shirt like this.

Just add a hint of this fashionable color to your current wardrobe.
Our Raisin Twill solid tie will go great with any suit this Fall.










2. Brown: It goes with EVERYTHING so this is a no-brainer. Brown is back and layering the hues is even better.  Perhaps pick up a waist coat to pair with your favorite brown blazer. You can even pair the color with black these days.

His matching vest and coat in neutral brown gives him loads of options for shirt and tie colors.










3. The Baggy Pant: Perhaps you just caught onto the more slim fit pant and don’t want to invest in another pair. Well, good news if you didn’t throw out the wide leg trousers, they are headed back our way.

If working the baggy pant into your wardrobe, make sure the shirt is nice and fitted but the coat (if any) cannot be too tailored.









4.  The Long Scarf: I recommend keeping this trend reasonable with a nice below the front pocket length or just above the knee.

Without going to bold on the color, his scarf adds punch with it’s length.









5. Oversized and 3/4 Length Coats: The skinny suit can hang on another few seasons for you if you add a slightly oversized coat to the mix. I like the length of this one and the twill pattern is unique.

His pant, turtleneck and coat are still a bit trim so he is able to pair them nicely with his oversized 3/4 coat.










What are your thoughts? Will you try any of these this Fall?

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-Meghan Henley


Adding Subtle Humor to your Wardrobe with Lapel Pins

I like to stick to Coco Chanel’s rule of looking in the mirror and removing one fashion detail before walking out the door  in the morning. This way, I don’t end up in fashion overkill mode for the day. If you are like most men, however, and on the other end of the spectrum, you may be looking for ways to add some flair to your wardrobe. If you haven’t tried a custom dress shirt from us yet, it’s a great start. In the meantime perhaps just a subtle lapel pin humor is all you need.

Just tell your co-workers they didn’t make the list.
This shows class. Okay, maybe class-clown but it is fun.


This one will gets come claps.
Superstitious? Quija boards never go out of style.



Trendy or Tacky?

“Trendy is the last stage before Tacky.”-Karl Lagerfeld

Although the fashion industry often pushes the limits with some of it’s “trends”, a great deal of them stick around while the fruitless  fizzle. When it comes to dapper dressing, luckily we as humans get to decide how we creatively express ourselves. Here are a few trends that seem to be hanging on to these last days of summer. We see them all over the net and all over the city. Hits or misses?

1. Men’s cropped slacks: I do love the no socks look as well as the printed socks and the cropped slack is a great way to show these details off. I vote yes on this trend. Just don’t go too short. Keep them just above the ankle.








2. Colorful Kicks: Pair these with the staple items like your navy blazer or white button down custom dress shirt. I think they are a fun way to add a little uptown funk.








3:  Teal Suits: Again, this is a YES for me. I am especially loving them on grooms. Just be sure to buy a quality suit (think custom, of course) because teal can get tacky if the fabric is lame. ..and please go easy on the accessories.

teal suit2







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-Meghan Henley

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How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

One of the big colors we will see in Fall is Red. Whether it be a Candy Apple,  Burnt Orange-red or a Burgundy, you need to add some of this to your wardrobe for Fall 2015. Let’s think outside the staple red tie and accessorize elsewhere. Here are few other options you may want to try out this year.

A Bold Shoe: With a shoe this bright, avoid too much else going on with your wardrobe.

Socks with Interest: Roll up your pant cuffs to show off some color.

Bright Suspenders: Matching your suspenders to a button hole stitching detail in the coat makes for a smooth outfit.








Color Burst Pants: Red Pants? Why not? We can even make some custom pants for you here.

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